Compliance Officer Central Africa Pharma

Job Description

Job Purpose

&#149  Ensuring an effective compliance program is established and internal controls are in place and support business compliant solutions

&#149  Promoting a value based compliance culture through communication and training initiatives throughout the Business.

&#149  Supporting early and proactive identification of risks in all aspects of the Business’ strategy and activities.

&#149  Advising senior leaders in the business on risk associated with emerging business strategies and pragmatic options for risk mitigation.

Scope of responsibility

&#149  Working with business leaders, Global Compliance, Audit and Assurance, and other support functions to embed a Values-based culture and accountability for compliance within the business in a way that supports the business unit and GSK strategies.

&#149  Driving accountability throughout the organisation toward greater business transparency and reinforcing trust in GSK from customers, business partners and patients.

&#149  Partnering with business leaders to support proactive mitigation or risks and prompt responses to issues to appropriately minimise potential impact to GSK.

&#149  Acting as a change leader for cutting edge practices and standardisation, where appropriate, to simplify the complexity of our practices.

&#149  In collaboration with the business and other stakeholders, developing and implementing tools which empower our employees to make ethical and compliant decisions.

Oversight (Risk Management, Compliance and Governance Framework)

&#149  Sets minimum governance framework expectations and ensures effectiveness

&#149  As the risk management process owner ensures the Business Unit (BU) has an effective Risk Management and Compliance strategy.

&#149  Drives the development of the local Risk Management and Compliance Board (RMCB) agenda and ensures appropriate visibility and mitigation of significant compliance-related issues (e.g audit outcomes investigations, compliance initiatives such as Anti-Bribery And Corruption (ABAC)).

&#149  Understands the remit of the supporting governance groups / committees and key results, and has assurance that the governance framework effectively manages all significant BU risks.  Represented in key Governance Boards

Written Standards

&#149  Participates in content development and facilitates the implementation, communication and reinforcement of the GSK Code of Conduct.

&#149  Provides advice on interpretation on GSK wide standards & policies.

&#149  Ensures that the development, review and roll out of Corporate Policies are done effectively within the BU.

&#149  Ensures the appropriate implementation of a controlled document process for BU specific policies.

&#149  Facilitates coordination of cross- BU Policy development.

Training and Education

&#149  Ensures that training and education is built in into the culture and practice in the business and raises to management if this is not the case.

&#149  Compliance responsibility may include collaborating with the business to create the curriculum and developing content for training.

&#149  Ensures roll out within the respective  BU of training for GSK-wide Compliance initiatives (e.g., ABAC, Data Privacy) in partnership with the Policy Owner


&#149  Works with the business to establish minimum expectations on monitoring, globally (focusing on significant risks). 

&#149  Check that appropriate Level 1 and Level 2 monitoring is in place and robust and proposes enhancements.


&#149  Supports, advises and reinforces communication on ethics and values, learning from mistakes and previous problems, and communication to units to avoid repetition of previous errors/breaches.

Responding to Detected Problems

&#149  Responsible for investigations; may either lead or delegate as appropriate to other individuals outside of Compliance. In such case, sets minimum expectations / standards and provides oversight.

Discipline and Enforcement

&#149  Collaborates with other Compliance Departments to enable consistent input into disciplinary discussions.

Risk Identification and Treatment (Risk Management)

&#149  Facilitates the BU level risk identification and management process.

&#149  Assists with setting of BU risk appetite and assures that accountability for risk treatment plans is defined and executed

&#149  Supports the BU in driving a risk management culture

&#149  Conducts annual / ongoing review with Leadership Team of BU’s most significant risks

&#149  Partners with the Leadership Team and the business and provides risk & compliance advice and expertise for business strategies and activities.

Other activities – Audit

&#149  Provides advice / input to Audit & Assurance in the development of their audit universe, annual audit program (schedule), and individual audit engagements

&#149  Assists BU in the preparation for audits and development and closure of CAPAs for significant findings from Level 3 audits

&#149  Compliance and Audit Lead interact to determine level of direct involvement of individual audits (e.g. Closing Meeting)

&#149  Sets the tone with Management to engage Audit constructively to decide CAPA and carry them out.

&#149  Plays a Mediator role between Audit & Assurance and Auditee to make sure the company’s best interest is represented

Other activity – Upward Reporting

&#149  Facilitates and coordinates escalation of significant compliance  issues to ROCC and ARC (6x/year+ annual report)

&#149  Assists with writing and works with BU to develop the  ARC annual Report

Other Activities – Company Wide Projects

&#149  Responsible for deploying  Ethics & Compliance generated Projects

Responsible for assisting and tracking (as appropriate) the implementation of CET endorsed projects to determine appropriateness of BU approach and plans

Knowledge & Capabilities Required

&#149  Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Law, Finance, or other applicable degree
Demonstrated experience in the current selling and marketing, medical, or regulatory environment of pharmaceutical products.

&#149  Demonstrated significant compliance and/or internal control experience in a global pharmaceutical, related healthcare organisation, or consultancy firm supporting healthcare clients.

&#149  Ability to work effectively and sensitively in a highly matrixed organisation across geographies and cultures.

&#149  Track record in providing high degree of reliance, accountability, and value-added consultation/support to senior business managers and other support functions.

&#149  Ability to maintain confidentiality and trust around sensitive compliance issues.

&#149  Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to influence individuals at all levels of the organisation to work in accordance with company Values.

Proven track record in being able to analyse complex situations to determine root cause.