Country Manager

Job Description

The primary role of a Country Manager is to oversee the full operations of Irvine’s in Mozambique. Country Managers are tasked with driving the overall engagement with all our customers, suppliers, partners and team members. Critical to the success of this role is an ability to be highly operational, hands-on, and drive tangible actions and outcomes in a time-sensitive manner.

Build a highly effective team across the core functions of the business being Technical, Financial, Commercial and HR. This Executive leadership role will require the individual to connect effectively with employees at all levels.

KPA 1: Responsible for achieving Financial KPI’s as set out in the IMoz Budget & for Managing expenditure and costs Outcomes:

• Ensures Gross Profit % target is achieved

• Understands & manages the cost structure throughout the integration chain through detailed Bill of Quantities by product line to maximize Gross Profit

• Understands the impact of production KPIs on financial KPIs

• Minimizes operational wastage by efficient use of resources

• Analyses costs and ensures all costs are within the agreed budget and takes corrective action when necessary

• Drives the budget and business plan process with all leaders

• Manage MEREC relationships in line with the contract to maximize margin

• Continually analyses the business model looking for areas of improvement

• Manages the company cashflow to ensure all company financial needs are always met

• Communicate cash requirements to group CFO

• KPI’s: Main Financial KPI’s as per budget 

KPA 2: Responsible for producing budgeted volumes of Day-Old Chicks and Feed as per KPIs & company strategy Outcomes:

• Prepares & executes operational budgets with all divisions

• Ensures all independent operational Divisions within the integration chain achieve their KPIs to uphold the integrity of the whole chain

• Monitors & analyses daily operations & production in all areas to ensure optimal performance in Hatchery, and with customers

• Identifies & optimizes operational synergies

• Brings lateral vision & team members alignment to achieve the desired company strategic goals

• Works closely with the Exco members to ensure compliance & strategic alignment

• Develops & maintains strong relationships with relevant stakeholders to facilitate optimal production levels

• Attends meetings as per Meeting Schedule


• The budgeted number of Cobb day-old-chicks per hen housed

• Hatcheries Cobb Hatch Percentage

KPA 3: Responsible for leading, managing & developing a high performing country team aligned with Company HR Policy, Values & Behaviours Outcomes:

• Ensures that the whole team understands, applies & commits to the Company Values, Team Behaviours & Code of Conduct

• Must be a role model for our values and behaviours

• Manages by walkabouts, is action-driven and leads by example

• Ensures individual goals & KPI’s / targets are set for each team member aligned with the company’s strategic goals

• Drives the performance management process including performance reviews, coaching, training & disciplinary action to ensure optimal performance

• Identifies training needs & supports career development opportunities within the team

• Ensures the organization has the required manpower and skills to drive strategic goals • Ensures a succession plan is in place for all key positions

• Drives a collaborative approach to problem-solving

• Effectively resolves any conflict in a professional, measured & timely manner

• Drives IRVICOM meetings process to ensure effective implementation of all agreed actions

• In partnership with the Local Exco and Group Exco, the Country Manager will help create the right framework for staff to work according to the Irvine Group mission, strategic objectives and nurture its philosophy, values and behaviours.

• Implement group best practice with the local team.

KPI’s: • Completed all team member performance reviews • Documented Succession Plan is in place

KPA 4: Must identify and utilize data and analytics to drive effective decision making at all levels of the organization Outcomes:

• Maintain and keep up to date relevant databases

• Ensure the quality and integrity of data • Understand and analyse data to make effective decisions • Use data to manage the day to day operations • Use data to make strategic decisions

• KPIs: Evidence of decision-based on data

KPA 5: Ensures all operational divisions comply with company QA, SHE, GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practice), GHPs (Good Hygiene Practice) and all other company SOPs & deadlines Outcomes:

• Reviews & approves SOPs with designated management team and group specialist

• Ensure 100% compliance with SOP’s

• Follows up on all QA NC issues with divisional exec and closes case within a reasonable timeframe

• Ensure all company reporting deadlines are met

• Ensure all bio-security procedures are followed

KPI’s: • QA Audit Scores and corrective action

KPA 6: Together with Operational divisions take responsibility for all maintenance, upkeep, security and general appearance of company infrastructure, assets, equipment & stocks Outcomes:

• Responsible for ensuring the efficient use & maintenance of all allocated assets including vehicles, office and facility premises & equipment

• Responsible for ensuring all operational stocks are managed correctly & efficiently including costing, security, storage, dispatch, re-order & expiration

• Ensures all operational premises and staff represent the company image and values

• Responsible for overseeing all Operations Divisions asset register including movements, disposals & additions
KPIs: Checklist Score


KPA 7: Responsible for the company corporate risk controls & ensuring compliance with legal & company requirements Outcomes:

• Apply sound financial management principles including identifying financial risks and applying a mitigation plan

• Holds ultimate responsibility to ensure that compliance with biosecurity standards, policies and processes are met by all employees (and their family members), vendors, customers, visitors, and suppliers.

• Identify any material risks to the business including any statutory and regulatory requirements and ensure compliance

• Liaises with Internal Audits and enforces recommendations • Complies with the Decision-Making Matrix in all decisions

• Ensures that all financial controls are in place

• Identifies, communicates and manages operational & strategic risks

KPI’s: • Audit Scores and corrective action

KPA 8: Understand Macro and Microenvironment effecting the Agricultural/Poultry Business and to set out a plan to take advantage of opportunities and identify threats Outcomes:

• Understand key market indicators that may impact on the industry

• Based on the key market indicators, ensure that any appropriate plans and actions are implemented, tracked and reviewed

• Work closely with the Poultry association

LOCATION: Machava, Mozambique

ROLE REPORTS TO: Group Chief Executive Officer

TEAM: Finance Manager, Technical Manager, Commercial Manager


1. Experience Required a. Experience in FMCG specifically; Route to Market, Merchandising and Logistics. b. Experience in Managing a business that should include Finance, Operations and commercial. c. Understanding the income statement and driving the profit number d. Team Leadership: Relevant experience leading teams with a diverse level of capability and experience e. Work Environment: Working in a structured and metric-based environment

2. Systems Experience Requirements: a. Highly proficient in Microsoft Office Suite of Products including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and OneNote.

3. Core Competencies Required a. Data-Driven Decision Making: Proven ability and track record of using data to drive insights and inform effective decisions at all levels of the organisation. b. Financial Acumen: Proven ability and track record of understanding what drives company revenue, and how financial metrics provide insight as to how the company is performing, and what actions need to be taken to drive business growth. c. Leadership: Proven ability and track record leading authentically by putting others first through; active listening, acknowledging other perspectives, providing support to team members enabling them to meet both work and personal goals, involve team members in decisions where appropriate and building a sense of community. This is about having a practical / ‘in the field’ approach to leading teams. d. Business Acumen: Proven ability and track record of Understanding and utilizing global economic, financial, and industry data to accurately diagnose business strengths and weaknesses, identify key issues, and develop strategies and plans that will work at both a strategic and operational level. Critical to our business is that this competency is then translated into tangible outputs that are understood by all levels within the organisation. e. Customer Focus: Understanding your customers’ needs and requirements and creating a seamless and hassle-free customer experience

4. Other Key competencies: a. Effective Communication: Highly effective communication (English) both verbally (presenting to all levels) and in writing, with the ability to adjust style according to the population. b. Learning Agility: Capable of learning new things easily, taking on new concepts and implementing with the team. c. Highly Organised: structured, documented, and detailed way of working ensuring that responsibilities are achieved within the agreed time frame. d. Highest Ethical Standards and professional conduct is always displayed.

PREFERABLE: Experience/Education Preferred: A Post Graduate/Honours or equivalent.

WE COMMIT TO OUR BEHAVIOURS: HOW IT IS DONE! RELATIONSHIPS: We take pride in nurturing our relationships with employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, and members of the community.

QUALITY: We pay attention to quality in everything that we do or produce, and we align ourselves with the best in the industry.

INNOVATION: We always test new ways, learn from others, share with others and continue to improve.

LEADERSHIP We identify potential in our people and continually develop leaders.

KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS: We share knowledge and develop skills to grow each member of our team as well as our customers and suppliers.

DOING THE RIGHT THING: We strive to do the right thing 100% of the time.

SAY IT IN THE ROOM: We express our opinion and listen to those of others and always “SAY IT IN THE ROOM”.

SENSE OF URGENCY: We deal with a task or problem immediately and complete it in a timely manner.