Distribution Delivery Centre Manager

Job Description

Career Opportunity with L’Oreal – Distribution Delivery Centre Manager


Deliver to clients their orders in compliance with the Service Level Agreement defined by the subsidiaries and according to the Group best practices. Optimise the cost to serve (costs, deadline, quality) and ensure the management of related logistic activities (Co-packing, etc…) in order to ensure clients satisfaction.

  • According to the rules defined by the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the subsidiaries/clients and the distribution Delivery Center, participate with the DOP and the Supply Chain Director of his/her Divisions to the definition of operating rules (quality, deadlines, transfer of information etc…) 
  • Define the budgets and operating costs and size the needed resources to achieve the objectives. 
  • Steer the EHS policy with the QSHE of the site and ensure that objectives of the Delivery Center are met, especially concerning safety, quality and environment 
  • Optimise physical logistics means and administrative flows in order to improve performance and ensure the stock reliability (stock-taking). 
  • According to the organisation, participate to the definition of new strategies regarding distribution and optimisation of the Physical Distribution with the sales departments, the clients and the Customer Care. 
  • Build and animate tools and performance indicators of the Delivery Center. 
  • Be responsible for the compliance of the Delivery Center with the local legislation enforced and with the Group rules. Animate relations with Social Partners. 
  • Recruit, develop and manage his/her team. Ensure the transfer of competencies and know-how and implement organisational changes.
  • Is customer oriented
  • Fosters a demand-driven Supply Chain with service as a priority 
  • Brings added value to the customer
  • Controls risks and operates responsibly
  • Masters our Quality, EHS, Finance & Supply Chain standards 
  • Integrates external regulations linked to this activity
  • “Make it happen” with operational excellence and agility
  • Optimises information, physical & financial flows along the whole Supply Chain 
  • Uses business data for continuous improvement 
  • Improves flexibility, reactivity and reliability 
  • Masters costs along the Supply Chain
  • Nurtures the pioneering spirit
  • Anticipates business activity and acts proactively 
  • Deepens the position of the Supply Chain within the business
  • Acts / leads with human sensitivity 
  • Displays sensitivity to our “métier” 
  • Demonstrates entrepreneurship 
  • Innovates 
  • Achieves results, with integrity 
  • Manages complexity 
  • Interacts effectively