Drilling Equipment Inspection Supervisor

Job Description

Function   : Drilling Equipment  Inspection Supervisor

Department  : Industrial Area

Reporta ao  : Industrial Manager


Primarry Responsibilities (Role Purpose)

Coordination of Inspection, Hardbanding and TTM work and related activities in Dampier WA.

The objective is to ensure over a continuing period, realization of team milestones in relationship to business performance, customer focus and staff welfare.


  • Coordination of Inspection, Hardbanding and TTM work activities in Dampier;
  • Primary contact of Industrial Team Staff;
  • Co-ordinate and supervise the shared house and its operation;
  • Plan and control the workflow in line with the site requirements;
  • Coordinate flights and vehicles to and from site
  • Monitor daily, weekly and monthly achievements of industrial team
  • Plan and Facilitate for continuous improvement of the Industrial Team
  • Adopt and drive a process driven mindset for the team
  • Inspection of drillsteam components;
  • Oversee and monitor calibration of testing equipment;
  • Ensue certification of personnel and equipment is current;
  • Oversee training and HSE for Industrial team in Dampier;
  • Monitor resources so that customer´s need are met in a safe, accurate and timely manner;
  • Organize and follow up on purchasing for Industrial DEI Dampier;
  • Client liaison and follow up as required;
  • Coordinate job specific administration duties as required;
  • Attend daily  and weekly planning meeting with Dampier facility manager ;
  • Cross check all reports for accuracy and details;
  • Participate in quality and safety audits;
  • Conduct stock take of place fortnightly orders  for consumables.

Profile( Qualifications and Experience)

  • Experience in work coordinator and scheduling
  • Experience in NDT
  • Experience in Inspections;
  • Experience in administration aspect of inspection process

REQUIRED SKILLS (Competencies)

  • Excellent organizational and efficiency skills 
  • Customer service orientation
  • Profissional representation of SGS
  • Being accountable and taking responsibility
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Teamwork and cooperation


  • OH&S Authority liability Level-(please refer to the annex level 3)
  • The SGS OH&S and RH policies and procedures form an integral art of this PD
  • The company reserves the right to modify the SGS OH&S and RH policies and procedures as well as the Authorities Liability annex at any time.

O H & S Authority Liabilities Annex

National Business Manager Level (Level1)

  •  Must demonstrate proactive HSE leadership toward all reporting staff;
  • Overall responsibility for safety and health for all people in the business line on behalf of SGS upper management, and for informing appropriate parties on OH&S issues raised;
  • Ensure safety and health support, materials and resources are provided based on risk level in each location;
  • Responsible for business performance for all injuries, illnesses, near misses and incidents that occur within that business line, and for corresponding injury prevention, injury management and early return to work programs
  • Responsible for performance of the business line in terms of all workers compensation insurance costs incurred that business line.

Site/Business Manager Level (Level 2)

  • Responsible for daily safety and health of site employees( or those reporting to this site)on behalf of SGS upper management and for raising issues to SGS upper management where required.
  • Ensure all people at site are adequately inducted in safety and health for each area they are expected to work in;
  • Ensuring safety  health inductions are carried out, documented and are relevant to the workplace.
  • Ensuring all safety health information, materials and resources are disseminated throughout the workforce as required;
  • Ensure all people at the site(or reporting to the site) have the skills, knowledge and ability required to undertake their work safely;
  • Ensuring the whole the site is kept up to a good standard of housekeeping at all times;
  • Ensuring emergency plans are in place  and practiced at regular intervals and that all emergency equipment in place and  is ready for use at any time;
  • Responsible for the site`s performance in terms of injuries, illnesses, near misses and incidents ;
  • As far as able, prevent injury, manage injuries and facilitate early return to work programs at the workplace.

Supervisor Level (Level 3)

  • Responsible for daily safety and health of all employees reporting directly to them, and for raising issues to site/business management, where required.
  • Ensuring each person within their responsibility has undergone an induction, and has sufficient knowledge for their safety and health while at work.
  • Ensuring that each person has sufficient information resources and materials to do their job safely
  • Directly responsible for their area housekeeping and cleanliness on a daily basis.
  • Directly responsible for ensuring all safety equipment is in place on a daily basis.
  • Be prepared t get  involved in day to day return to work programs for injured workers
  • Ensure safe practices are maintained with vehicles, mobile plant and equipment.

Employee level ( Level 4)

  • Responsible for own safety and health at work, and for others at work.
  • Must follow lawful instructions from employer for the safety and health
  • Must wear PPE, clothing and safety equipment as instructed
  • Must care for and maintain safety equipment
  • Must report safety or health issues in the workplace.