Finance / Risk Management

Job Description

The Chief Risk Officer (CRO) Vice Presidency of the World Bank Group is the core unit responsible for institutional risk oversight, including establishment and monitoring adherence to risk policies and guidelines and risk assessment and reporting to the Board and executive management. The Credit Risk Department (CROCR) within the WBG CRO Vice-Presidency focuses on ensuring that the Bank’s credit risk exposure is commensurate with the risk appetite of stakeholders and strikes the appropriate balance between financial and development objectives. CROCR manages the credit risk inherent in IBRD’s loan portfolio. Since the IBRD lends only to sovereign governments, or with a sovereign guarantee, the only credit risk that IBRD accepts is that of sovereign governments. CROCR’s core functions include, among others (i) Assessing and rating country credit risk for all IBRD borrowers; (ii) Assessing country eligibility for IBRD resources; (iii) Influencing IBRD’s lending strategy and assessing lending plans against lending allocations as established through the exposure management framework; (iv) Anticipating countries that are vulnerable to crises; (v) Participating in arrears workouts for IBRD borrowing countries; (vi) Engaging with the Paris Club of bilateral creditors; and (vii) Ensuring IBRD is adequately for loan losses; and (viii) Assessing/Monitoring the size of credit shocks (unexpected losses) as part of IBRD’s capital adequacy framework. There are currently two roles within Finance / Risk Management.

The department is currently seeking a Senior Economist/Regional Credit Manager and Financial Officer. 


Selection Criteria:

Candidates must meet the generic criteria: Advanced degree (Master’s and/or PhD) with concentration in quantitative fields such as Finance or Economics or a related discipline; or comparable, demonstrated, on-the-job experience with focus with focus on risk management, financial modeling or quantitative research, investment.

Senior Economist/Regional Credit Manager: Relevant work experience, strong analytical skills and a proven track record of achieving high-quality substantive results over an extended period (typically 8+ years) in the field of macro-economic and financial analysis with recognition by peers and managers for excellent and innovation; familiarity and experience with econometric and financial modeling techniques, including in the areas of sovereign credit and portfolio risk measurement.

Financial Officer: Proven quantitative and qualitative analytical skills in the area of Capital/VaR analysis, credit risk modeling, scenario/stress testing, valuing/pricing of complex structures; including in depth knowledge of econometric and financial modeling techniques, multi-factor Monte Carlo simulation techniques and option pricing methodologies; interest rate generation, volatility modeling and complex statistical analysis.