Forensics Manager

Job Description

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Bayport Management Limited (BML) was incorporated in 2001 as a holding company for a number of future subsidiaries. Through these subsidiaries, all operating under the Bayport Financial Services banner, financial services are delivered to customers. Operational support for the Bayport Financial Services subsidiaries is provided by Bayport International Group Support (BIGS), based in Johannesburg and London.

Bayport Financial Services’ operations are domiciled in Botswana, Ghana, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and now Colombia. The group services over 320 000 clients through its 288 branches and over 3,195 employees and USD400 Million in value of debtor book.

Ensures that the Bayport Financial Services in-country board has a clear understanding of the strategic direction of the function. Manages the Forensic department of Bayport Financial Services through preventative, detective, investigative methodologies and resolution procedures in order to mitigate risk to Bayport Financial Services. The key responsibilities are: 



Implements in-country Fraud strategy

  • Understand Group strategy and direction of Fraud within Bayport Financial Services
  • Understands and utilises Bayport Financial Services’ Audit Methodology
  • Implements preventive, detective and investigative methodologies through the use of a strategic roadmap for the following types of Fraud:

– Application Fraud (Product)

– Employee and Agent Fraud

– Service Provider and Procurement Fraud

  • Develops a case for the implementation needs and requirements suitable to in-country application
  • Stays abreast of new developments in the assurance/ forensic environments and make recommendations on necessary changes
  • Manages delivery to ensure requirements of the Bayport Financial Services Limited Audit Committee in terms of ensuring that performance measures are met



Oversees Analytics and Discovery

  • Ensures that Analytics and discovery have adequately developed systems to provide optimal efficiency
  • Ensures that methodologies are up to standard
  • Remains current with new trends in Fraud and shares insight/ research/ knowledge weekly
  • Identifies and communicates any significant risks not yet identified through the risk management process


Applies a proactive preventative approach to Fraud

  • Strives to reduce the risk of fraud and misconduct from occurring Implements methodologies prescribed by Group
  • In conjunction with Group, develops country-specific Anti-fraud policies
  • Implements policies and procedures through all levels of the operations ensuring effective enforcement
  • Sets up and maintains an Anti-Fraud/ whistle-blower/ ethics channel of communication
  • Implements a Fraud Rewards Programme
  • Launches Anti-Fraud Training and Awareness Campaigns Maintains up-to-date knowledge in data analytics
  • Implements Automated Fraud Decisioning Models
  • Ensures optimal due diligence (Pre-screening and Vetting) is conducted


Manages detective approach to Fraud

  • Oversees Risk Assessments and Forensic Audits
  • Manages the investigation process ensuring that quality, efficiency, completeness and accuracy of investigations are present
  • Manages the workload of Forensics by prioritising investigations and resource balancing in order to timeously execute and to contribute to mitigate the potential risks to Bayport Financial Services
  • Ensures that investigations are executed in a compliant manner by adhering to the requirements of applicable laws, regulations (associated within a forensic environment) and business policies and processes
  • Defines/ approves the mandate/ scope, investigation plan and the resourcing methodology to the forensic investigation. This would include the approval/ application of the applicable forensic methodologies/quantifications in regard to best practices.
  • Gathers manual and/or electronic information required to assist in the financial quantifications of forensic investigations
  • Provides assistance and support to the Forensic Investigators in conducting interviews with relevant individuals on an ad-hoc basis, where necessary
  • Analyses information gathered, assess internal controls and weaknesses and formulate conclusions and recommendations in terms of allegations. This would include recommendations as to how to mitigate further potential risks
  • Reviews and approves quantification methodologies pertaining to forensic investigations. This would include the quantification of the financial loss or prejudice from economic crime to the Bayport Financial Services Group
  • Engages with forensic experts to assist in evidence gathering and/or to furnishing of professional opinions
  • Familiar with the various dispute resolution mechanisms (e.g. trial, civil hearing, mediation, arbitration, regulatory/competition tribunals)
  • Ensures efficiency, quality, completeness and accuracy of investigations and audits performed


Ensures response approach is efficient

  • Provides adequate recommendations based on investigation findings
  • Initiates cases and external litigation matters arising from investigations
  • Provides support / lead evidence during post-investigative corrective actions (e.g. disciplinary hearings, civil and criminal proceedings), including additional work required by 3rd parties
  • Assists in formulating civil recovery actions based on quantifications where appropriate


Ensures quality throughout all activities

  • Reviews forensic investigative reports prior to submission to relevant stakeholders and ensures that the reporting protocols are observed
  • Reviews the contents of the Case Docket pertaining to investigations completed Provides feedback on the quality of the review



  • Periodically compiles, reviews and submits all relevant reports to the Audit Committee, as appropriate and in accordance with the Reporting Protocol
  • Prepares reports on quarterly basis for the Bayport Financial Services Audit Committee on significant governance issues identified and progress against open forensic cases
  • Ensures that reports are of the correct standard, are accurate and complete and are written in a timely manner



  • Maintains minimal operational costs. Strives to remain within the allocated budget.
  • Strives to ensure that fraud write offs are reduced and contained within a specified percentage of turnover and below. Ensures all options have been considered to mitigate write off Strives to maximise fraud savings



Manage Team

  • Creates a high performance team that delivers a high calibre services, which meet defined targets, to the company and enhances the individual’s careers within the group
  • Ensures all team members have role descriptions in place for their respective roles Ensures all team members have signed performance contracts in place
  • Ensures all team members have individual development plans in place
  • Ensures succession planning is in place with three potential successors identified for all line and key specialist roles



  • Ensure customers are treated within the expectations as defined by policies, procedures and within service level agreements
  • Ensures expectations are defined, set monitored to ensure turnaround times are maintained



Engages in the following forums:

  • Liaises with clients, in-house counsel, external legal teams, witnesses, other experts, police, criminal prosecutors and regulatory enforcers
  • Attends, monitors, evaluates and contributes to discussions at relevant Business Executive Committees where assurance about the area of specialisation is being discussed
  • Discusses all significant findings with senior management
  • Shares knowledge, networks and collaborates with Internal Audit on findings
  • Contributes to advice provided on Corporate Governance frameworks
  • Discusses and obtains input/ agreement/ approval on annual forensics plan
  • Maintains a network of internal and external professional contacts


The successful applicant need to meet the following criteria: 

1. Education

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Relevant Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Forensics


Desired/Preferred Requirements

  • Master’s degree in finance, law or accountancy
  • Professional accountancy qualification or Certified Fraud Examiner or similar professional qualification (compliance, BI, etc.)


 2. Experience

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum 5 years management experience
  • Needs to have an understanding of and ability to analyse company accounts and financial information Knowledge of investigation concepts (evidence preservation and collection, data privacy, legal privilege, investigative interviewing technique, business intelligence)
  • Applied working knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Generally Accepted Auditing
  • Standards (GAAS), and Public Company Oversight Board (PCAOB) Auditing Standards
  • Up-to-date knowledge on relevant legislation that applies to the organisation and the environment which it conducts its business


Industry Experience

  • 7 – 10 years in financial services