Formulation Development Chemist

Job Description

Career Opportunity with L’Oreal – Formulation Development Chemist

Key Job Accountabilities:

Assist in developing, adapting and conducting experiments and protocols in a prompt manner with a view to creating and developing new products; ensuring follow-up and monitoring use of products over time.

  • Create products through development stages defined with managers; draw up and/or approve operating procedures; evaluate product performance; ensure stability, conformity and safety; contribute to laboratory innovation projects.
  • Ensure successful follow-up on formula projects in line with specifications and lead times; provide feedback on the quality of the formula/product.
  • Work with support services and/ or contacts in industry and marketing; monitor and validate product manufacturing (Demi-Grand, factories, etc.) at each stage of development.
  • Ensure sustainable laboratory procedures to pass on knowledge and expertise.
  • Develop and safeguard knowledge (patents, etc.).
  • Ensure lab resources are in good working order; ensure compliance with safety regulations and quality procedures in force in the laboratory.
Technical & Professional Competencies:
  • Scientific and technical excellence.
  • Transforms scientific/technical knowledge into discovery or inventions.
  • Creates actives, technologies and products to maximize the perceived performance.
  • Interprets results in the most relevant way and communicates them with integrity.
  • Continuously develops expertise and researches new technologies or methods.
  • Shares and passes on scientific/technical expertise.

Creativity inspired by cosumers

  • Develops knowledge of consumers in all their diversity.
  • Proposes creative ideas or scientific concepts based on consumer insights.
  • Translates consumer/market insights into outstanding product performance goal.
Entrepreneurship for Innovation

  • Maximizes major innovation projects, prioritize and simplify.
  • Ensures compliance with quality, safety and sustainability.
Cooperative Leadership for Innovation
  • Acts with a local and global perspective to achieve the multipolar innovation goals.
  • Promotes collaboration among functions to ensure collective performance.
  • Fosters dialogue with the business and brands to transform innovation into big market opportunities.
Education / Experience / Personal Competencies:
  • 3 – 5 years hands on formulation experience
  • Proven track record
  • Attention to detail
  • Perseverance
  • Comfortable using IT Tools
  • Acts with human sensitivity
  • Displays sensitivity to our “métier”
  • Achieves results, with integrity
  • Manages complexity
  • Interacts effectively