General Manager – Engineering

Job Description

(IPE Factors: Impact & Innovation)

•  Responsible for the effective daily operation of all machinery including electricity plant and buildings in the Terminal
•  Provides the operating direction for the Technical Department, ensuring that productivity and efficiency standards are met.
•  Builds up a preventive maintenance schedule for all equipment in the Terminal to reduce damages and downtime on all machinery.
•  Strives to prevent damage to machinery and human accidents
•  Directs activities of Maintenance staff.
•  Sets goals and objectives for maintenance services.
•  Guides managers in resolving obstacles so that goals can be met.
•  Analyses performance statistics and trends in order to identify areas for improvement.
•  Ensures good communications between Technical and Operations to minimize equipment downtime.
•  Ensures good communications throughout technical group and their group interactions so that activities are running smoothly on a regular basis.
•  Manages the budget of the technical department.
•  Provides reliable service to operations group, ensuring equipment is in a state of readiness, well-maintained, and that all steps are taken in preventative maintenance and parts availability.
•  Works closely with the head(s) of HSE and Security to ensure safety policies, rules, and regulations are reviewed, revised, issued and posted on an on-going basis.
•  Ensures that company policies overall are applied consistently and fairly within Maintenance Services.
•  Works closely with the GM-Human Resources to obtain clarification, direction, and consultation regarding labour law, company policy and procedures, and consistent application.
•  Provides supervision and direction for the Technical Department.
•  Responsible to establish an inventory control system to ensure that inventory carrying costs are minimised while ensuring that necessary spare parts are always available.
•  Ensures appropriate technical training is provided for various levels of staff.
•  Maintains up-to-date information and knowledge on new developments in the area of terminal operations and maintenance requirements. Seeks out best practices within the industry and internationally to ensure continuous improvement within the organization.
•  Reviews and approves instructions regarding Maintenance systems and procedures.
•  Responsibility at all times to be cost conscious, monitor all parts of the contracts pertaining to the subordinate Manager’s areas of responsibility are fulfilled. 
•  Negotiate and control of works carried out by outsourced workshops.
•  Machinery design modification, in order to improve productivity, safety & efficiency.

(IPE Factor: Knowledge/teams & breadth/)

•  Direct reports: Workshop Manager, Crane Manager, Stores Manager, Maintenance Planning Manager
•  Indirect reports: Head of supervisors, Stores coordinators, Electrical Engineer, Crane-Shift-in-Charge, Technical planners
•  The position reports to the Managing Director.
•  The scope of this position is domestic

(IPE Factor: Communication)

•  Operations Manager: Supports with maintenance services for consistent equipment availability.  Advises and consults regarding the status of jobs already planned, scheduled, and in progress.
•  Chief Financial Officer:  Advises on costs, budgeting, expenditures, spare part requirements and materials logistics problems. 
•  General Manager, Human Resources: Seeks assistance on Human Resource issues in the Maintenance operations
•  HSE Manager: Seeks assistance regarding HSE development and fully supports HSE programs, procedures and guidelines.

(IPE Factor: Knowledge)

•  A good University Degree in Mechanical, Electrical Engineering. Post graduate degree in management, business or related field is considered an asset.
•  Preferable 10-15 years experience in related position in the material handling, logistics, or transportation industry.
•  A good working knowledge of terminal maintenance (port or air) practices and principles. Specific working knowledge of support equipment, cranes, and power generation is required. Must have extensive knowledge of general safety, health and environmental issues as well as must be familiar with maritime codes.
•  Must have working knowledge of budget preparation, basic financial related matters, and reporting against financial objectives.
•  Requires effective negotiation and conflict resolution skills, as well as excellent managerial skills, including planning, organizing, and directing work.
•  Requires good verbal and written communications skills in English.
•  Effective interpersonal skills.