Government Affairs Manager

Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Government Affairs Manager, CP East West Africa


REPORT TO :  Finance Director – EWA



LOCATION:  South Africa




1.  Define external affairs strategy to support CP East West Africa business success in both short term and long term

2.  Build up and sustain good working relationship with central and local governments

3.  Maintain constructive relationship with media and detect if any media response could be negative to CP business and monitor the development

4.  Work with EWA MANCOM and Division to solve government relation, media or consumer issues

5.  Ensure routine consumer inquires to be handled properly

6.  Coach and develop the team



  • General Manager & Finance & Division Leaders
  • Other CP EWA MANCOM members
  • Global Communication Team



  • Maintains contacts with Government Bodies to build good relationship and consult as needed.
  • Media



Education:  Bachelor degree, MBA preferable



Experience: around 10 years Government Affairs management experience in multinational companies in Africa, previous experience working in government preferred



Special Knowledge:

&#149  Understand the structure of Africa government (central and local and their interface) and its way of operation

&#149  Familiar with local media and its dynamic

&#149  Knowledge of how to handle specific consumer issues (e.g, AIC challenges)


&#149  Monitors external affairs developments and able to anticipate their potential impact on Colgate’s business

&#149  Understands business objectives and translates them into specific external affairs strategies and action plans

&#149  Strong influence/negotiation skills when dealing with government and media, and able to build on constructive relationship and networking

&#149  Able to build relationship and work effectively with leaders from different functions/depts/cultural background 

&#149  Able to achieve results with speed and excellence

&#149  Develop and coach people