Group Chief Risk Officer

Job Description

Bayport is increasingly becoming a provider of a broad set of financial services that exposes us to a wider range of risks. We also need to ensure the organisation is positioned optimally for future growth. Both of these items compel us to implement much more rigorous best practices for Risk Management.

About role

The Group Chief Risk Officer (CRO) will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for the effective management of all aspects of risk across the Bayport Management Ltd Group, overseeing the same in all of the operations. The CRO will participate in the strategic planning process and will ensure that the key risk aspects of the business are recognised and managed. 

The Group CRO will be responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the risk management framework as well as ensuring that the various functions are appropriately resourced at a Group level. 

The Group CRO will work with the Executive Management and the ARC Chairmen of the Operations, under guidance of the Group CEOs and the Chairman of the Group ARC, to ensure that all the Bayport operating entities are addressing all aspects of risk according to the Group standards and Group risk management frameworks.

Skills required

It is expected that the Group CRO will have extensive consumer-focused financial services experience, and will have both the commercial acumen and risk management expertise to set up and sustain an effective global risk management function that will stand scrutiny in a listed environment. An ideal candidate would have experience in multiple emerging markets.