Head of Security Systems

Job Description

Head of Security Systems

Key Performance Areas:

Effective management of the business unit financial performance

Revenue Growth:

  • Organic Growth achieved against budget
  • Escalations achieved against budget

Gross Margin Improvement:

  • Direct Labour control / % improvement
  • Direct Other cost reduction / % improvement
  • Contract profitability against budget

Manage profitability of contracts with a focus on maintenance, sustainability, cost effectiveness and labour.

PBITA improvement / budget achievement:

Overhead cost control:

  • Overhead % compared with budget
  • Overhead cost reduction

Effective management of operations and provision of technology products  

Quality of Service:

  • Quality Audit rating, correction plan in place and implemented
  • Qonduct and oversee quality controls and inspections (including sub contractors

Maintain and develop integrated solutions and services.

Effective management and utilization of Employee  

Effective Organization

  • Employee turnover analysis, proper allocation of Employee to work flow and job requirements.
  • Cost effective utilization of billable hours


  • Succession Planning and Employment Equity
  • Attendance of subordinates at scheduled training interventions, meeting of employment equity goals, succession planning.


  • Employee motivation levels
  • Ensuring that performance assessments of all subordinate employees are conducted, and corrective action implemented where necessary.
  • Ensuring that acceptable standards of behaviour at work are maintained by all subordinate employees, as required by G4S’s code of conduct and disciplinary code.
  • Ensuring that all disciplinary actions are conducted in compliance with Company policies and procedures.

Effective management of operations  

Managing the Maintenance/Project process flow and activities that has a direct/indirect impact on the outcome and success of contract

Client retention and customer service levels

  • Ensuring that all required formal customer meeting are scheduled, attended and minuted.
  • Maintenance of positive customer relationships

Quality Management/Ops Process management – adherence to quality standard

  • Conduct and oversee quality controls and inspections (including sub-contractors)

Shared Best Practice

  • Specific examples of implementation of BP from other regions

Effective development and implementation of specialized, customized solutions  Customer Focus:

  • Retention and customer satisfaction ratings improved
  • Maintenance of positive customer relationships
  • Provision of a customized solution
  • Understanding of customer risks and needs


  • Technology products and services
  • Risk Assessments
  • Tanzanian security legislation
  • G4S Operational Policy and procedures
  • G4S HR Policy and procedures
  • Health and Safety legislation 


  • Leading People
  • Managing Professionally
  • Negotiation
  • Awareness of Market Environment
  • Delivery Strategy
  • Managing Conflict
  • Communication (Written and Verbal)
  • Computer literacy
  • Financial skills
  • Risk identification 


  • Customer Thinking
  • Collaborating and Co-operating
  • Relationship Building
  • Innovation
  • Driving change
  • Delivering objectives
  • Awareness of the market environment
  • Delivering strategy

Minimum qualification

  • Relevant Technical qualification