Head Of Vaccines Francophone West & Central Africa

Job Description


–  Assume responsibility for the leadership on  the Vaccines Business in FWCA in order to position the company as the vaccine partner of choice across the region

-Responsible for preparing and implementing a successful Marketing and Sales vaccines business strategy (Gavi, Tenders, private) in FWCA through a strong engagement with All the stakeholders and  in full compliance with the client’s code of practice and other policies

Develop and empower vaccines country Managers and Reps to build a high performance team over years.


&#149  Structure a vaccine Team as to unlock people’s potential and energy

&#149  Build a winning GAVI strategy strongly engaging with local EPI programmes, MOHs, the client’s Vaccines, and the DCMA team

&#149  Grow the private market by leveraging the client’s vaccines portfolio and improving distribution

&#149  Increase access to the client’s vaccines across FWCA  

&#149  Prepare,  implement and review the FWCA vaccines sales and expense budget plan as agreed

&#149  Achieve   FWCA shipments and  In-markets budget sales for vaccines

&#149  Work closely with the client’s Vaccines to Prepare, validate year and month allocation as well as sales  forecasts and regularly follow up supply to distributors

&#149  Develop and improve relationships with distributors and Wholesalers to keep an optimum level of stock at each stage

&#149  Coordinate, validate, track  and review Sales performance,  activities and HPBs

&#149  Prepare a Brand plan for vaccines and properly manage the A&P for vaccines

&#149  Make sure that any information to the customers and any action implemented by the Sales team complies with the client’s guidelines (Commercial ethics code, client’s Code of Practice for Promotion, other  procedures and SOPs) 

&#149  Support the training Manager in implementing the vaccines training strategy

&#149  Drive excellence in management in line with country managers: recruitment, sales objectives, appraisals, salaries, training, motivation

&#149  Engage with a group of KOLs and KDMs, VIP customers in FWCA (distributors, Wholesalers, public and private entities, NGOs etc.) 

&#149  Follow up and coordinate the debt recovery

&#149  Follow up and review all the markets performance and adjust the sales strategy and tactics if need be 

&#149  Review the people development plans (PDP), identify and nurture the key talents in his area

&#149  Prepare and implement an adequate distribution system for vaccines in FWCA

&#149  Keep an appropriate Business intelligence and reporting across the region

Entrench the client’s culture and values through the HPBs


Key Dimensions:

  • Access to the client’s vaccines across the region
  • Strong level of engagement with All vaccines stakeholders in the region
  • Overall responsibility on the turnover and profit as planned for vaccines
  • Overall Marketing responsibility for vaccines 
  • Full Compliance with the client’s code of conduct, Code of practice for Promotion and customers interactions and other policies and guidelines
  • Vaccines Sales people development in FWCA 
  • A proper distribution system to be implemented in FWCA
  • Vaccines forecast to be regularly sent , allocations to be closely followed up
  • Distributors and wholesalers stocks to be kept at an optimum level
  • Expense budget implementation (A&P, Selling field, Selling Admin, T&E) as agreed
  • Debt recovery in Central Africa
  • Expansion of the client’s vaccines portfolio in all the markets


  • Multi skilled profile (Sales & Marketing etc…)  
  • Work closely with the Francophone Management Team – General Manager Pharmaceuticals FCWA and Heads of Departments in the region.
  • Re-structure the FWCA vx team as to align it with Business needs
  • Work closely with the Director Vaccines Business Developing Countries to align with Group Vx Strategies  
  • Keep close contact with External Bodies such as various Countries/Government MOHs and Health programmes, WHO, Unicef, etc…
  • Work closely with Management committee to influence key people related decisions.
  • Role covers various countries namely Benin, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic (CAR), Chad, Cameroon, Cap Verde, Congo (Rep of), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinea (Rep of), Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Sao Tome & Principe, Senegal, Togo. This calls for in-depth knowledge of various Vx policy  aspects of these countries.
  • The role is directly responsible for a head count of  10.
  • Key contact in Vx Communication activity with a liaison with PR firm, media, local partners and other key stakeholders


&#149  Sound knowledge of Vaccines global environment

&#149  Good understanding of the company’s vaccines strategy, especially in Developing countries.

&#149   Multi disciplinary team leadership capabilities and ability to work in matrix organization with multiple lines of authority.

&#149  Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills- influencing internal and external stakeholders

&#149  Working knowledge of both the French and English languages may be an advantage.

&#149   Ability to build future capabilities and talent, lead and deliver change initiatives as well as ability to coach leaders on their line management responsibility and talent development.

&#149  Good business know how with demonstrated understanding of the company’s internal and external environment and applying such knowledge and insight in the context of Vx to improve business performance.