HR Manager

Job Description

HR Manager

Industry: Shipping / Transportation

Report to: Reporting Manager

Role Description:


The position will be responsible for setting and delivering HR objectives which are within the strategy & business plans of  the Company.
The incumbent will be expected to be constantly enhancing the existing people management practices and policies of the Company while always complying with labour law and Global Company Policies.
The primary challenge in this position will arise in taking decisions where the correctness may not be evident immediately. Therefore exercise of sound judgment in taking such decisions that enter the field of ‘no right answers’ is critical.
Develops the work plan of the HR department, aligning it with the overall business plan.
Ensures that all employees are provided equal opportunity, fair and consistent application of policy, regardless of nationality or citizenship.
Responsible for management of all worker groups including unions, worker representatives & collective bargaining bodies.
Responsible to maintain key contacts with employer associations & labour ministry officials
Recommends solutions and advises management on significant employee relations matters.
Directs the administration of the compensation system and methodology, ensuring consistent practices.
Approves general administrative documents, including employment contracts, status changes (job title, salary grade, pay), separations from employment, and other related matters.
Acts as a key liaison with the community, as it may relate to the company overall or to some aspect of the human resources function.
Keeps fully informed of changes in labor or employment law matters.
Researches human resources issues, seeks out comparative data, utilizing survey instruments or other applicable vehicles for such research and analysis.

Qualifications Skills & Experience

Fluent in English
The position requires a professional standard of knowledge to lead teams through functional/general expertise in the HR and associated functions.
Minimum university degree in human resources, business administration, behavioural science, or management.
Substantial experience in general human resources or related work, with an emphasis in organizational design and planning, employment, labour law, employee relations, compensation, and benefits.
Proven managerial experience, preferably in the private sector.
Must be thoroughly familiar with local labour and employment law and practices.
Thorough understanding of investigative methods and principles.
Complete and thorough understanding of international management standards and principles.
Thoroughly knowledgeable in various international human resources standards in the areas of compensation, employee relations, general benefits, employment and staffing practices, and organizational development.
Demonstrated leadership and management skills.
Must be able to work effectively with all levels of the organization, including top, middle and supervisory levels of management.
Effective interpersonal and negotiation skills.
Collaborative work style, fostering cooperation and teamwork to achieve results.
Able to exercise discretion and good judgment, with an ability to understand the effect of decisions overall in the company.
Able to handle confidential company and employee information with complete discretion.
Strong analytical skills, including the ability to extract, compile and analyse data.
Advanced verbal and written communications skills in English