Investment Analyst

Job Description

Role Description

This role is responsible for research analysis and provision of relevant information and for making recommendations on alternative investments. The incumbent is individually accountable for achieving results through own efforts. 


  • Makes recommendations regarding investment attractiveness of private equity deals.
  • Makes recommendations for the selection of investment decisions to the investment committees.
  • Accountable for service delivery through own efforts.
  • Individually accountable for managing own time tasks and output quality over periods of 1 day to a maximum of three months.
  • Makes increased contributions by broadening individual skills.
  • Collaborates effectively with others to achieve personal results.
  • Accepts and lives the company values.
  • Researches analyses and provides relevant information.
  • Analyses the position of unlisted companies within the industry including sales and profit estimates projected rates of return on capital total equity asset utilisation and leverage.
  • Projects short and long term values of stock compared with historical evaluations relative to the market index.


  • The ability to make balanced and sound recommendations and decisions, by understanding issues and problems, evaluating the consequences of alternative solutions and to select the most appropriate alternative. Recommendations and decisions need to be implementable, effective and well thought through.
  • Using appropriate interpersonal styles and communication techniques to gain acceptance of ideas or plans; adapting one’s own style to accommodate the target audience.
  • Taking prompt action to accomplish objectives; pushing beyond the boundaries and being proactive.
  • Assuming responsibility and accountability for the successful completion of tasks and adhering consistency to standards of excellence. Ensuring that all relevant detail has been considered.
  • Having achieved a Full performance level of technical knowledge, related to a specific role.
  • The ability to perceive, interpret and translate information (stimuli) in order to competently performs processes and tasks at various levels of complexity within the organisation. It also includes the ability to apply analytical, integrative, lateral or systemic thinking; depending on the task at hand.

Please note, interviews for this position will take place at our Careers in Africa Recruitment Summit in London, 16- 18th of May 2014. Relevant candidates will be contacted and invited to attend the event.