Junior Engineers – Mechanical, Electrical/Automation and Process Engineers

Job Description

Role Description:
Within the framework of the plant’s production objectives and methods and of the quality and environmental objectives, his/her missions are to study and implement systems/tools/procedures to optimise the production process and to lead the continuous performance optimisation team.
Qualifications Skills & Experience 

  • Degree in general engineering with Mechanical, Electrical/Automation and  process engineering as the main subject. 1 to 3 years’ experience in heavy industry depending on the size and challenges of the position.
  • Good knowledge of the physico-chemical products, of relevant parameters and standards applicable to cement manufacturing. Good knowledge of statistical process control methods and experimental design. Good knowledge of project management methods.
  • Upper intermediate level English . Must be able to express him/herself during meetings with native or foreign English speakers.
  • Working knowledge of Excel, Word and Lotus Notes

Main Activities

  • Communicate clearly on information relating to potentially dangerous situations and get confirmation that they are correctly understood.
  • Make sure that key equipment is working properly.
  • Ensure the use of Personal Protective Equipment and safe working conditions for his/her team.
  • Check for safety and cleanness in the workplace. 

Operational Missions 

  • Address production / process bottlenecks for a better output, a greater stability or an improvement in environmental aspects.
  • Define instructions concerning process key parameters.
  • Define production conditions for new or modified installations under supervision of the optimisation manager or a senior process engineer.
  • Conduct production process studies and audits which he deems necessary or which are requested by the line management, with the possible assistance of experts from the technical centre or the plant optimisation manager.
  • Regularly monitor the parameters relating to plant operation.
  • Liaise with the technical management (incl. Technical centre) for process issues and take part in the plant development projects.
  • Inform and trains operational staff.

Perform the required works within a well-defined work schedule.Sequential intervention.