Key Account Manager – East Africa

Job Description

  • Active customer portfolio management 
  • Expansion of distributor assortment (depth and width of  automotive product portfolio) via direct “hardsell” activities and increase of Bosch workshop concept and retail concept “indirect” purchases )
  • co-ordinate with AA colleagues and assist with implementation of all AA strategic levers (Build up market intelligence, Launch and drive retail concept, Enhance customer knowledge & capabilities, Execute brand communication offensive, Optimize supply chain)
  • All activities to align with AA / SZA SAL required behaviours – “Productive” “Proactive” “Professional”
  • Define, propose and implement customer strategy based market factors and customer needs
  • Feedback competitor activities with counter proposals 
  • Product sales training to direct and indirect customers 
  • Direct and indirect customer communications (purchase statistics, product information)
  • Solicitation of direct and indirect customer orders and incremental business – ‘hard selling’ 
  • Development and implementation of regional / customer specific campaigns including campaign targets, return on investments, motivation for target market
  • Overall responsibility for customer meetings incl. budget discussions, review meetings, 
  • Productivity in terms of regular and frequent customer visits in line with agreed turnover and potential priority
  • Proactive approach to turnover development within region of responsibility in terms of workshop concept development and customer overreach, special focus on driving Bosch workshop concept purchases via agreed distributor network  
  • Extra focus on SPRS ( sale performance remuneration system ) targets maintanence of customer OPLs (open points list)