Labour & Industrial Relations Speacialist

Job Description

(IPE Factors: Impact & Innovation)

•  Participates in the management-union negotiations, meetings, and any other industrial/employee related events and working closely with the Head, Human Resource and Chief Operating Officer in proffering guidance and solutions on matters discussed.
•  Facilitates meetings between management and Executives of Unions and employee/industrial affiliate bodies.
•  Recommends solutions and advises management on significant employee relations and disciplinary matters.
•  Communicates significant changes in policies and processes to all departments.
•  Supports the implementation of Management’s key/pivotal employee and industrial related decisions and policies.
•  Manages relationship with external trade union(s), NIMASA as well as the Ministry of Labour on all employee related matter.
•  Manages relationships with representatives from other Terminals within the industry, employers association in order to keep abreast of all maritime industrial relation matters.
•  Oversees the registration and de-registration of Dock Workers with NIMASA and performs same with the existing Maritime Union.
•  Facilitates the In-house Union meetings with the Head, Human Resources and the Chief Operating Officer.
•  Facilitates the organisational Internal stakeholders forum involving the Head, Human Resources and the Chief Operating Officer.
•  Manages Industrial pressing issues as well as other floor issues with the workers/union representatives and provides timely feedback to the Head, Human Resources and the Chief Operating Officer.
•  Prevents employee work stoppage/strike actions.
•  Manages all sensitive industrial relations correspondence from internal and external parties on all Industrial relations matters.
•  Proactively Liaise with other departments and units within the organization to ensure that Labour issues are resolved quickly.
•  Ensures adherence and compliance to government regulations as it’s relates to Labour union matters.
•  Undertakes and manages approved management’s industrial/employee projects.
•  Provides guidance on all BC engagement feedback meetings as well as follow ups on action planning
•  Prepares and analyses reports that are necessary to carry out the function of the department and company.
•  Oversees the development and administration of programs, procedures and guidelines to help align the workforce with the strategic goals of the company.
•  Perform other duties and responsibilities as required.

(IPE Factor: Knowledge/teams & breadth/)

•  Position reports to Head, Human Resources
•  Dotted line – Chief Operating Officer

(IPE Factor: Communication)

•  Internal – All employees
•  External– Labour Unions, Governmental institutions and administrations related to labour matters.

(IPE Factor: Knowledge)

•  Requires a university degree in any discipline.
•  Requires at least two years of being responsible for Labour relations within an organization.
•  Must have working knowledge of Microsoft word, excel and power point.
•  Must be familiar with Best practices in the professional field of Human Resources, Labour law and people management.
•  Requires ability to communicate in English, both verbally and written.

In this position, the incumbent will have an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge in the following areas;

•  Dispute resolution and problem solving.
•  Negotiation skills.
•  Labour Laws.
•  Fundamentals of Human Resources.
•  Interpersonal Relationship.