Lead Commercial Advisor

Job Description


VoP Grade

(following approval)



Region/ Asset

East Africa/Tanzania



Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Job Summary

The role exists to undertake commercial activities during the exploration, appraisal and development phases for deepwater Blocks 1,3 & 4.  The three focus areas are supporting ongoing exploration activities, commercial operations and supporting the pushing through the commercialisation requirements to achieve Final Investment Decision in 2016.  The role holder will provide advice to the Heads of Commercial Upstream, Exploration, Developments and Well Engineering.




The post holder  reports to the Head of Commercial Upstream who is a member of the Asset Leadership Team for Tanzania. 

It is intended that the majority of the work of the post holder will be in the Upstream segment but there will be close liaison with the Commercial Midstream team.  The postholder will also interface with counterparts in other co-venturers in Blocks 1,3 & 4, consultants, industry bodies, Government and other stakeholders. The job holder will maintain soft links to BGA Area Commercial Manager. 



Key Accountabilities

  • Assisting with the development of the commercial structure for upstream agreements providing feedgas to the Tanzania LNG Plant;
  • Assisting with the drafting of multiple interlocking agreements, including with the Block 1,3 and 4 co-venturers and TPDC, possible upstream cooperation agreements with Block 2 parties in pursuit of a joint LNG project, shareholder agreements, transportation agreements, gas sales into the domestic market and either gas sales agreements from each Block into a marketing company or seller side LNG sales agreements;
  • Working with the OCM Representative on discussions on preparations for JV meetings and budget submissions;
  • Assisting with the negotiation of the above agreements and managing negotiation of certain of them;
  • Supporting the development of  Tanzania’s input into the East Africa Strategy and subsequently BG Group’s Corporate Strategy to explore options for leveraging the company’s position in the region;
  • Developing an understanding of key value drivers, project commercial constructs, identifying value creating opportunities and strategies.  Support to the Commercial team in  fine tuning the upstream commercialisation plan and interfacing with the Midstream agreements; 
  • Supporting the dissemination of Asset and Commercial strategies through preparation of presentation material for internal and external audiences;
  • Supporting and providing input into Growth strategies in conjunction with Exploration New Ventures, M&A and the East Africa Region to maximise value; managing commercial and economic inputs to Business Planning, Opportunity Screening and PRI evaluations;
  • Supporting the maintenance of the Commercial Operations Management System (COMS2);
  • Evaluating contractual issues, stakeholder mapping  and  strategy for domestic gas supply, including support to the Government of Tanzania in creation of a framework for gas legislation and regulation;
  • Assembling and organising the content for BG capability statement
  • Assisting in the preparation of elements of a development plan, including the construction of a schedule and content for BG capability statement, local content plan, financing arrangements, a complete set of commercial agreements for domestic and export hydrocarbon (gas) sales, transportation, host Government Agreement, approval of upstream elements and licence awards/permit consents 
  • Financial analysis of partner and competitor positions, including;

–  Comparative fiscal analysis;

–  financing – market conditions and range of financing options;

–  stakeholder management planning;

–  Assessing  value apportionment along the chain;

–  Sales/ market analysis and option;s

  • Developing strategies for BG to maximise value through value chain;
  • Evaluating commercial risks, including providing inputs into the Asset Risk Register;
  • Supportin the preparation of VAP, RR’s, risk register inputs;
  • Providing input into the stakeholder management plan; and
  • Supporting the preparation of approval papers and presentations
  • Everyone has a duty and the authority to stop work which they believe is unsafe – all staff, regardless of level or position have explicit authority to stop any working practice, process or activity, by any BG employee, contractor or third party, which they believe is unsafe and may potentially cause harm, or represents a future risk of harm, to any work colleague, or associated people and / inhabitants without fear of reprisal.



Influence over Resources


The position does not have any permanent direct reports but from time-to-time will manage the work of graduates undergoing training and will be responsible for proposing and implementing projects allocated by the Head of Commercial Upstream or other members of the ALT as appropriate.  The post holder will be able to manage his/her time effectively in liaison with the Head of Commercial Upstream


Authority for Change


Personal responsibility for proposing innovations that enhance project value and reduce risk.



External Interaction



Asset Leadership Team, Commercial Upstream & Midstream BGA Functions and Management Units, GEC from time-to-time.


Upstream PSA co-venturers and competitors, TPDC, Ministry of Energy, Banks, Regulators, Government Agencies and NGOs, Engineering Contractors

Gas buyers, gas pipeline transportation companies

Possible joint sales

Industry Bodies

Local communities





Time Horizon


The project time horizon assumes FID in late 2016 within a 3 year assignment. However:

1. 0-12 months – delivery of agreements to define post appraisal activities, the pre-development areas (called”Locations” in Tanzania), support the negotiation of Heads of Teams for Gas Sales and Transportation with other members of the Commercial Upstream team and to work with possible new entrants

2. 6-18 months – review and possible restructuring and novation of the upstream agreements to account for new entrants.  To have completed Heads of Agrements for various upstream agrements with agencies of the Government of Tanzania

2. >18 months – to have contributed to the formalisation of the gas commercialisation chain and to have delivered key inputs into the plans including the documentation of relinquishments, the transfer or completion of exploration phase obligations for wells and seismic and/or the extension of the exploration period

 The legacy will be have been a significant contribution to the completion of critical elements needed for the achievement of FID.  This contribution will have prepared the Asset for  development and production activities by 2021

3. If the appointment term is extended beyond FID into the implementation phase the role would normally be at a more senior level









Experience Needed


Experience and knowledge of the following would be beneficial:

&#149  Good negotiating skills and skilled in the management of complex negotiations;

&#149  Experience of valuing different sales arrangements;

&#149  Experience of New venture analysis and commercial evaluation;

&#149  Participation in negotiations with 3rd parties;

&#149  Track record of delivery within upstream projects developments and operation of commercial arrangements in a variety of regimes in the LNG sector.

&#149  Strong internal network across a wide range of assets and functions within BG;

&#149  Proven track record of working closely with management to inform and influence the decision making process;

&#149  Display business and professional innovation;

&#149  Experience in regimes with competition law rules



Knowledge, Languages,

Skills and Attributes

  • Graduate
  • Knowledge of the development of energy markets, sector analaysis & the tools used to analyse such markets. The job holder will have the requisite skills to understand all the upstream agreements and to negotiate modifications as necessary;
  • Good knowledge of technical and commercial aspects of gas chain projects, including key contractual drivers in the LNG industry and in the gas transportation and downstream domestic markets;
  • Exhibit excellent behaviours in team-working, professionalism through commercial standards and drive to bring projects to closure
  • The job holder will need to gain an understanding of the Tanzanian petroleum regulatory environment and /or similar regulatory environments elsewhere; 
  • Displays high ethical standards;
  • Upstream knowledge and previous experience working on LNG would be highly beneficial.
  • Business acumen;
  • Numeracy  including an understanding of economics, production and market modelling;
  • Good understanding of Microsoft office software;
  • Able to present complex ideas cogently and concisely;
  • Displays business and professional innovation;
  • An understanding of the BG Way, the VAF Process and the Business Strategy of BG Group;
  • Proven ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Excellent English writing and verbal skills
  • Good analytical skills and the ability to get to the heart of the issue at stake and be able to produce rational, practical solutions.


Special Features

The appointee needs to be internationally mobile and comfortable travelling in East Africa.  The commercial team and job is based in Dar es Salaam. Travel will be required to the UK and within Tanzania (to Mtwara and the Plant location) amongst other location within East Africa – possibly to Kenya, Madagascar and Mozambique etc.