Maintenance Manager

Job Description


Within the framework of the Plant’s Maintenance objectives and yearly action plans, his missions are:

  • Organise and manage the department’s human, financial and material resources to optimize the quality of its service and its technical and economical performance.
  • Ensure optimum equipment availability and performance in the short, medium and long term, at minimum cost, and safely.
  • Implement, promote and develop the Lafarge maintenance system and mindset, ensuring application of maintenance procedures, methods and best practices.
  • Prepare maintenance budget and perform monthly gap analysis (actual vs. budget).
  • As a member of the plant management team, he contributes to the overall performance improvement of the plant, ensuring coordination and cooperation between his and other departments.


  • Maintenance management software, CKHC’s bases, Business Reference System
  • Maintenance Budget,
  • Safety Policies (local and Lafarge)
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
  • Reliability Committee & ADAP
  • Maintenance Team plus Cross-functional Teams


To ensure for the efficient and effective delivery of services by the maintenance department, and engagement of plant teams cross-functionally.


  • Ensure for the health and safety of ALL through implementation of Safe Systems of Work, including implementation of Group Standards and Advisories, ensuring Job Plans are provided for work activities, Risk Assessments are carried out, Permits to Work are provided where required, etc.
  • Ensure that VFLs, including High Risk Areas VFLs, are carried out as prescribed in agreed KPIs, and communicated by the Operations Manager.
  • That RCAs for safety incidents are carried out, lessons learned communicated and actions raised are closed timely.
  • That action items raised through audits and inspections are carried in accordance with the agreed action plan.
  • That you actively engage your team in health and safety issues, through VFLs, safety inspections, tool box talks, etc.
  • That you engage site personnel in the preparation and implementation of risk assessments to ensure for the safe execution of works.
  • That the Group Health and Safety Standards plus Advisories, and BU procedures are implemented accordingly.
  • Meet the Health and Safety requirements as per the Head of Mechanical POM Card. 


  • Set and share Maintenance Department long, medium and short term goals and objectives in line with plant objectives.
  • Define, follow-up and optimize Maintenance expenses.
  • Manage the performance of the maintenance department including effective use of key performance indicators.
  • Ensure adoption and adherence to Lafarge standards, norms and best practices
  • Ensure the management of individual performance
  • Create and maintain a motivating work environment within the Maintenance Department
  • Build skill development programs for maintenance personnel and evaluate the results
  • Ensure that safe work rules and practices are understood, implemented and consistently followed by the Maintenance department employees and subcontractors
  • Ensure regulatory compliance of maintenance activities
  • Inform the Maintenance community about local best-practices, difficulties and results
  • Contribute to the achievement of production, quality, environment, reliability and utilization targets.
  • Contribute to the conception, acceptance and integration of new equipment and installations
  • Contribute to spares warehouse optimization (in cooperation with other departments concerned)
  • Validate work requests.
  • Drives approval and planning of maintenance major operations.
  • Contributes to the three year investment plan.
  • Manage and Coach/Mentor his team, define the missions and objectives, carry out their performance reviews, promote the quality of the work, motivate his personnel, facilitate communication and relationships (regular department meetings).
  • Ensure availability of plant critical spares, and that the critical spares listed is actively maintained.
  • Manage working capital through application of standards and good practices.
  • Ensure complete implementation of the basic practices and described in the maintenance manager POM 2.0 card.
  • Manage the methods, electrical and mechanical departments to ensure for effective and efficient delivery of their services.


  • Financial performance:
    • Maintenance cost and Maintenance Cost Index
    • Maintenance budget compliance
  • Technical performance:
    • Improves reliability, especially raw mills, burning lines and cement mills, quarry crushing plant, stacker and reclaimer, as well as equipment failure rate.
    • Number of stoppages for incident (NSFI) and mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Maintenance Practices
    • Compliance to the Lafarge Maintenance Practices
    • Percentage of Best Practices implemented.
  • Frequency and severity rate if accidents of maintenance personnel and contractors
  • Frequency and severity rate of accidents of maintenance


Educational Background & Experience

  • Engineer degree specialised in mechanical or electrical engineering
  • 7/10 years experience in maintenance, inspection, technology in technical centres, new works (running projects)
  • Proven skills managing people (at least two years as head of an operational department)
  • Experience developing/implementing preventive and predictive maintenance processes is highly desirable (i.e.: two years of experience as Methods engineer).

Technical skills

  • Good knowledge of products and manufacturing  processes (experience as an engineer desirable),
  • In-depth knowledge of maintenance management methods, of predictive inspection tools and of CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System, good knowledge of Maximo Template desirable),
  • Knowledge of ADAP and good knowledge of problem solving tools.
  • Knowledge of general mechanical/electrical engineering and industrial automation,
  • Knowledge of safety laws and regulations,
  • Experience in the development of quality management methods, for example ISO 9000 and TPM
  • Computer literacy.

Leadership & Behavioural Skills

  • Result driven (reliability, cost)
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Good aptitude for organisation and communication
  • Ability to take fast decisions
  • Initiative and innovative
  • Analysis capacity
  • Leadership capacity
  • Development of others