Managing Director Old Mutual General Insurance (OMAO)

Job Description

Job Family  Sales & Distribution

Business  OMAO

Key Focus  This role is individually accountable for providing overall leadership and vision in developing a sustainable long-term growth and strategic direction for the general insurance operations. The incumbent is accountable for achieving results through comprehensive business management over periods of 1-3 years

Role Size  Sales & Distribution.Q.OMAO

Minimum Qualification 

Additional Qualification Information  MBA degree. Extensive relevant experience.

CCM Level   Manager of Managers

Key Result Areas

Governance & Compliance

&#149  Ensures clean audit risk and compliance reports.

&#149  Embeds risk and governance framework in business

Strategy Implementation

&#149  Devises a clear 1-3 year strategy for the business aligned to the overall Country strategy.

&#149  Develops strategy in collaboration with Product specialists integrating the different channel contributions and aligning their respective value propositions to maximise market share.

&#149  Develops growth strategy and sets aggressive performance targets that result in increased sales and reduced operating losses.

Functional Effectiveness

&#149  The incumbent is accountable for achieving results through comprehensive business management.

&#149  Develops Managers of others / managers & specialists under supervision.

&#149  Selects potential Managers of others / managers to sustain pipeline.

Investment Performance Measurement

&#149  Works across various disciplines and integrates the disciplines to develop new strategies and operationalises them.

&#149  Accountable for performance of the unit.

&#149  Accountable for business wide direction and business results.

Stakeholder Management

&#149  Manages external relationships and influences industry bodies.

Role Description

&#149  Responsible for strategic direction of the overall General business including all operational aspects of the business

&#149  Responsible for developing and implementing the long term 3yr+ business plan.

&#149  Manages the profitability of the business (bottom line responsibility).

&#149  Manages risk and compliance.

&#149  Manages external relationships and influences industry bodies

Competence Requirements


&#149  The ability to make balanced and sound recommendations and decisions, by understanding issues and problems, evaluating the consequences of alternative solutions and to select the most appropriate alternative. Recommendations and decisions need to be implementable, effective and well thought through.

&#149  The ability to perceive, interpret and translate information (stimuli) in order to competently performs processes and tasks at various levels of complexity within the organisation. It also includes the ability to apply analytical, integrative, lateral or systemic thinking; depending on the task at hand.

&#149  Proactively establishing and maintaining relationships to accomplish organisational goals. Focus is place on the ability to be socially adept, aware of own impact on others, acting with integrity and building trust.

&#149  Having achieved a Full performance level of technical knowledge, related to a specific role.

&#149  Effectively meeting client needs; building inspiring relationships; and taking responsibility for client experience.

&#149  Planning, supporting and guiding/coaching others by focussing them on the accomplishment of work objectives through active performance management and development. This is done to enhance and strengthen their respective skills and abilities that they can fulfil current and future role responsibilities more efficiently.

&#149  The ability to understand the big picture in which the business is operating, the inter-play between the different components and the impact on your specific business. This includes an understanding of commercial and financial principles.