Medical Adviser WCA

Job Description


&#149  To support the set up, conduct and follow up of clinical trials within the region

&#149  Follow up antimicrobial surveillance testing programs and surveys initiated in the region and by commercial (SOAR)

&#149  As NSC Back-up (Named Safety Contact) for WCA, support the day to day management of pharmacovigilance for all marketed products and products in clinical trials, including all Pharma products and Vaccines. This includes ensuring compliance with all local regulations and GSK global pharmacovigilance requirements, and includes training staff on AE reporting

&#149  To ensure training of sales force on pathology and treatments

&#149  To ensure the review of promotional and training materials

&#149  To ensure the handling of internal and external medical/scientific information queries/requests, and the maintenance of an appropriate medical intelligence across the whole WCA

&#149  To support the management of departmental local SOPs

&#149  To ensure the Self Inspection of all activities

To ensure the handling of medical meetings in compliance with GSK SOPs and Policies and Scientific engagement guidelines


1.  responsibility for handling medical information enquiries from internal and external sources

2.  accountability for ensuring compliance with local regulations, Good Clinical Practices and GSK policies in the conduct of clinical trials

3.  Scientific / medical suitable trainings and refreshments for the commercial department


&#149  Ability to meet notification and reporting deadlines in any case

&#149  Focus on several key activities in one time period

&#149  Ability to work in matrix teams

&#149  Ability to have good relationship with key customers, KOLs, KDMs



&#149   Strong medical background

&#149   Strong leadership skills and drive + passion for results Integrity and Professionalism

&#149  Capacity to think strategically – identifying opportunities and rectifying problems through lateral thinking.

  • Creating business solution in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and team player.
  • Anticipation of a constantly changing environment and the use of scenario planning as a tool to plan for an uncertain future.
  • Sound judgment and Patient Focus
  • Capacity to work autonomously and concern for Achievement
  • Knowledge of local legislations.
  • Effective communication and leverage network connections.

&#149  Proficiency in the use of computer software applications e.g. Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint etc.

&#149  Suitable English and French speaking and writing skills