Metering Engineer

Job Description



  • Prepare and manage maintenance plan, spare inventory and all other related administrative tools in the Systems, Applications and Products Software (SAP) as regards metering maintenance on site
  • Prepare and update the metering manuals and related operating procedures.
  • Ensure that periodical Crude oil meter proving exercise and the system recertification exercise (prover loop calibration etc.) are carried-out as provided for by the regulations (especially DPR regulations)
  • Ensure the Quarterly system validation of the Gas fiscal metering system are properly carried out with no issues with the Authorities and NLNG
  • Ensure proper maintenance and reliability of other metering systems and Analyzers
  • Instrumentation/ Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Specify the new technical and commercial metering systems in co-operation with instrumentation specialists
  • Work closely with instrumentation Maintenance Methods during metering interventions
  • Provide and clarify flow rate equation formulae to be entered/ entered on the DCS
  • Advise the laboratory personnel on the possible sources of uncertainties in laboratory methods of fluid measurement and propose means of improvement
  • Advice on the optimal representation of fluid samples required to achieve best results based on the sampling points

Well Performance

  • Assure the integrity of well test, gas lift and water injection metering and proffer improvements where necessary
  • Interface with the Well Performance & Reservoir team; and communicate the reliability of well test measurements


  • When required, assist the Process Engineer in carrying out metering related studies concerning environment, production, etc.
  • Advice the Team Lead of contractual constraints and obligations related to metering field operations


  • Advise, comment, analyze the technical contract terms as relates metering
  • Verify and study the metering contract data and specifications, and propose update when required
  • Supervise the execution of specific maintenance contracts applicable to the Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS) on site and ensure optimal usage of contracted resources
  • Supervise work completed by contractors (either on site or at Contractor’s workshop) and site teams, ensure compliance, effect necessary corrections, and submit to the Head of Instrumentation/ ICSS/ Metering


Candidate Profile

  • At least, BSc. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and other related engineering disciplines with at least, second class upper
  • 2 -5 years working experience in an oil producing, manufacturing or oil service Company
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience of flow measurement, analytical instruments and general instrumentation, including requirements of gas, fluid metering, calibration and verification
  • Knowledge of Control Systems and associated field instrumentation
  • Good knowledge of industry and regulatory standards, applicable metering and measurement standards and codes of practice
  • Good relational, presentation and communication skills.
  • Computer literate, with a knowledge of computerized process systems.
  • Ability and desire to find technically and financially optimal solutions