New Business Development Manager

Managing a portfolio of products and packaging to identify the opportunities for introducing new products, packaging, and the introduction of new categories and subcategories. Planning and managing new products and the removal of existing products from the portfolio. This includes collaboration with the TCCC to develop a portfolio strategy and operationalization, ensuring the flow of information and timely budgeting. Also, translating category / channel development into executions in the field, to ensure visibility of products on the market, through innovative and creative solutions that will attract consumers by providing him with a positive experience and creating a stronger relationship with customers.


Key Responsibilities

  • Leads the development of product portfolio
  • Ensures that the long-term goals and opportunities are fully understood and accepted by senior management team
  • Leads and develops new mercantile standards / solutions by understanding the way consumers make purchases through all channels for excellent execution
  • Manages the team by ensuring engagement, motivation, and development of the successor
  • Works on achieving the personal and development plans of their team members
  • Works to improve understanding of the process of operationalization of the entire commercial team
  • Establish a partnership relationship with the TCCC to ensure that CCH receives support for innovation
  • Build a healthy cooperation with key suppliers
  • Develops plans that respond to customers’ needs
  • Identifies options for reducing wastage and footprint in our products
  • Network by building solid links with all the functions in the CCH local operation
  • Create new opportunities for product development and implement them within the agreed time
  • Develop new systems and improve existing ones for a faster and more efficient process
  • Innovate activations in the market by creating a “in store theater” to communicate the key brand platform
  • Monitor sales from experiential positions secondary and primary generating knowledge and ROI
  • Establish a work environment with clear roles and responsibilities and individual KBIs for all team members
  • Manage team members performance in accordance with the processes and practices of the company, without delay addressing insufficient performance and rewarding outstanding
  • Coordinate the introduction of new products from the development phase and after the launch
  • Plans the calendar for all new SKUs that are introduced to make the deployment process efficient and effective

This role is being recruited for at the Careers in Africa London Summit in July. Applicants will be required to attend the Summit.