New Product Developer

About the role

To create new business by developing new products and technologies and to improve present products and technologies. The product developer acts on the interface of technology, nutrition and marketing.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Execute market studies and define areas of focus
  • Build up and maintain product and industry know-how and use this knowledge to generate new products
  • Translate customer requirements into product development specifications.
  • Discuss with Technology Management the plant and process requirements for producing new products or grades
  • Maintain contacts with equipment suppliers in order to ensure the development of new equipment or the adaptation of existing equipment for the production of new products
  • Coordinate regulatory affairs in order to obtain approval for the product
  • Propose and, after approval, execute Product Development Projects
  • Guide and support Pilot Plant Production, scale increase and production of new products
  • Contribute to Research & Development and Marketing & Sales in setting up innovation programs
  • Report general trends in product development and report on progress of own projects


  • MSc in Food Science & Technology or a related field with a focus on food technology
  • Required level of Professional Experience:A minimum of 5 years’ experience as a product developer in a relevant industry eg: food processing, dairy, nutritional food, cereal processing
  • Broad knowledge of relevant industry, products and applications
  • Broad knowledge of production methods used in the food or nutritional industry (including raw materials, nutrition, sensory, technology and processing)
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the food retailing market (eg: market analysis, food trade shows, competitor analysis, analysis of all available media data