Senior Geophysicist


  • Carry out analysis, interpretation and synthesis of geophysical data
  • Guarantee the reliability of results inferred from geophysical data
  • Perform quality control of all the data used as input in interpretation
  • Conceive, share new evaluation tools and guarantee communication in integrated teams
  • Guarantee, with the assistance of the group’s geophysics experts, the acquisition and processing of pertinent data
  • Ensure the archiving of acquired information (reports, filing, etc)
  • Participate actively/lead a mono or pluri-disciplinary projects and ensure compliance to internal exploration review processes.
  • Ensure the delivery of planned studies within the expected duration and budgets
  • Maintain 2G regional knowledge and take part in field evaluations in the framework of data rooms etc.
  • Participate in the internal well approval processes and follow up well drilling operations.
  • Contribute to the definition of the main technical trends in geophysics
  • Compliance with Company Rules defined for geosciences discipline regarding patrimonial data protection



  • BSc. in Geophysics or Geology
  • 10 – 15 years in interpretation geophysics leading to exploration / appraisal activities
  • Skilled in the use of petrophysical and velocity data.
  • Proficiency in the acquisition, data processing, and interpretation of all geophysical techniques for engineering and environmental applications
  • Must have up to date knowledge of technological developments, industry initiatives, etc.
  • Proven track record of data processing and interpretation
  • Must be a good listener, team player, have the ability to influence and be an excellent communicator with cross-functional understanding
  • Must have the ability to provide technical leadership