Specialist International Roaming

Job Description


Role Purpose

 The Specialist will be responsible for the following; ensuring the full integration and testing of new Roaming Networks, will also be responsible for supporting and seamless clearing of all reported subscriber faults related to international roaming

Role Requirement

  • 1st Line support for all international roaming subscriber problems.
  • 8620 Roaming Tester
  • Assist International Roaming Subscribers/International SMS
  • Auditing of MSC/STP Roaming database – once every quarter
  • Conducted research on roaming enhancements.
  • Ensure implementation of MSC/STP database configurations and software changes with new Roaming Networks.
  • High level support for all international roaming subscriber problems. High level support for roaming departments within the Vodacom environment
  • International SMS/SMS Applications support.
  • Perform IREQ tests according to GSM IR24 documentation and Roaming tests according to IRP test documentation.
  • Updating of GSM IR24 documentation.
Job Specific Requirements 
  • Understanding of the telecommunications landscape
  • Understanding of customer requirements
  • Team dynamics
  • Understanding of business landscape
  • Understanding of the Value Chain Analysis with regards to various customer businesses.
  • Understanding of technical concepts and the ability to communicate it as viable appealing market offerings

Job Knowledge:

  • A good knowledge of the GSM network. 
  • International Roaming background would be an advantage. 
  • Roaming Tester Functionality. 
  • GSM MSC database configuration.

 Job Related Skills:

  • GSM network. 
  • Policies and procedures. 
  • Signalling – Protocols. 
  • Switching Configuration. 
  • Fault Management. 
  • Computer applications. 
  • Problem Solving & Analysis skills. 
  • Interpersonal. 
  • Decision making. 
  • Multi Tasking. 
  • Stress Management. 
  • Analytical thinking


  • Matric with a 3 Year degree or diploma in IT or engineering related fields or/and N6/T3/S4 *essential*
  • 3 years or more experience in GSM support environment, particularly the Telephony Switching SSS operational environment is essential. 
  • Proven sound practical GSM EWSD SSS Network database experience is a prerequisite. 
  • Computer literacy is essential. 
  • Experience in office administration is preferred.
  • Proven sound Customer Relations Experience is preferred.