Telecoms and ICT

With over half a billion subscribers, the telecommunications market in Africa is one of the fastest-growing worldwide. The continent is a hotbed of innovation, notably mobile money and other value-added services. The construction of new submarine cable systems has had a fundamental impact on African telecommunications and record levels of investment have been poured into this sector. Diversified products and technological advancements in mobile technology have certainly made life better for millions of people. As overall penetration rates remain low and demand for new services increases, the need for telecoms connectivity continues to grow. It is therefore expected that telecommunications in Africa will continue to develop faster than any other region over the next three to five years.

Global Career Company, through our Careers in Africa initiative, has been party to these exciting developments as finding and retaining key skills remains a priority for operators.  After successful collaborations with Airtel Africa, Ericsson, Movicel, MTN, Orange, Safaricom, Siemens, Tigo, Unitel, Vodacom and Vodafone, we have entered into fruitful partnerships with best-in-class partners.

Global Career Company, in collaboration with Informa, is delighted to announce the launch of the following Careers in Africa Com World Series Recruitment Summits

Telecoms Academy

Telecoms Academy delivers high quality, interactive training courses for the telecommunication sector. Our training programmes are delivered worldwide, and used extensively as part of the training and development plan of many large operators, vendors and service providers.

Training portfolio has been designed to address the ongoing needs of those working in a variety of roles in the telecoms industry from new starters in a non technical role requiring an introduction to the industry to senior managers requiring management training to network planners needing in-depth engineering training.

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