10 CV Writing Tips You Need to Know Part 1

It’s the beginning of 2016, and as the well wishing subsides and we crawl back into our routines, taking part in the inevitable dieting and general review of our lives, it’s a great time to be proactive about your career. The first thing you can do is get your CV up to standard.

There are hundreds of CV writing tips across the internet, but only this one comes straight from the recruitment consultants at Careers in Africa. The team have given us their top 10 tips for making your CV reflect you in the best possible way.

Here are the 10 most important things that you need to know to make your CV stand out! 

1. Two Pages Are All You Need

We read hundreds of CVs a week, and we search those CVs for key details that matter to our clients. When our clients read your CV, they do the same. Anything more than two pages, and it gives an impression that you might lack clarity in your communication. It also means your most impressive achievements get lost amongst the less useful information you have written.



2. Clarity is Key.

Don’t be tempted to squash ten pages of information into two. If your CV has tiny writing, or is everything in squashed onto the page, it becomes difficult to read. It also looks bad. That doesn’t make a great impression on recruiters, or on employers. Make sure there is adequate space around your text to make it look clear, and make sure the font is big enough to read without having to zoom in.

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3. It’s Not a Life Story, it’s a Window into Your Potential

We’ve never read a CV and looked at the long list of every qualification you have completed. What matters is your degree, post graduate qualifications and technical qualifications. Equally, employers look at your recent job titles and your work, not your first job when you weren’t qualified. You should always be proud of all your achievements, but your oldest qualifications, first jobs and that time you represented your school at football aren’t going to land you your next job.

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