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Airtel’s triple vote of confidence fulfils brand vision

In a year when entries to the AfricaCom awards were higher than ever, it’s no small achievement to be shortlisted in three different categories. Airtel, the telecoms services provider which operates in 20 countries across Africa and Asia, managed just that. Three different campaigns, each designed to ensure Airtel achieves its aim of being the most loved brand in Africa by 2015 were all shortlisted by the judges of the 2013 AfricaCom awards.

Airtel’s Success in Africa

What’s enabled Airtel to grow their market share in the face of global competition and produce innovative products and campaigns? Values and visions succeed when the right people are in the right jobs to make theory work in practice. Airtel Africa has become a strong brand with clear market differentiation and it’s Airtel’s strong focus on personnel that has delivered this clear vote of confidence for its digital marketing.

Global Career Company contributes to Airtel’s recruitment success

Global Career Company’s Business Development Director, Sherin Helmy, commented on Airtel’s success, “Congratulations to everyone at Airtel on once again setting the standard in their market. We’re proud to work with a company delivering at the cutting edge across Africa, and to have recruited some of the people who’ve helped make it happen.”

Airtel jobs have been defined with care, and filled with the most suitable individuals, not just for the role, but to contribute to the overall growth and development of the company in a competitive and fast-moving environment. This focus on talent location and selection has been good for Airtel but good for Africa too, as it creates a competitive market for talent in one of the biggest and most influential global

areas – telecoms services spend is predicted to increase by 1.2% globally this year.*