Global Career Company launches strategic local partnerships in Angola

News Release

Global Career Company launches strategic local partnerships in Angola

July 2009

Career Company has been operating for 7 years through its Careers in Africa recruitment service and over that time we have recruited over 500 Angolans back into Angola for 60 companies out of our client base of 200 major companies across Africa. We are the market leader in recruiting Angolans around the world into Angola and are a major contributor to the Angolanisation program.

With our team of 30 African recruitment professionals, 20% of which are Angolan and specialise in Angolan development, we pioneered the service of recruiting Angolans internationally, and since we started in 2002, other companies have followed. Global Career Company still succeeds though in leading from the front. Testament to this is our unrivalled suite of Summits around the world (London, Lisbon, Rio, Sao Paulo, Washington, Houston, Johannesburg) and our full recruitment service, offering clients a choice from one-off recruitment for critical hires to world-famous recruitment summits to fully-outsourced recruitment campaigns.

In 2009, we have recruited over 150 graduates and professionals into 50 of our clients across the sectors of oil, gas and energy, telcos and technology, banking and professional services, consumer goods, manufacturing, engineering, construction, logistics and supply chain in Angola and in June alone, we won an annual contract for all the recruitment for Pumangol’s growth plans in Angola, have been awarded a preferred supplier agreement with Chevron Angola for the next 2 years, have staffed the management team for Multichoice, amongst others.

Our exciting news in July includes the launch of our Summit in South Africa, recruiting Angolans in Namibia and South Africa, and with most of

the Angolan graduates and professionals having applied, those attending will have 1st – and probably the only – choice to hire, as companies continue to be really aggressive in their hiring. It does not pay to be second in Angola.

We follow this with our 2nd Summit in Brazil, this event being in Rio in September.

We also announce the exciting news of our

strategic alliance with our local partners. Together, we will provide the Angolan market specialisation in Human Resources, from international to local recruitment, advertising, PR, Research Studies and Training services. We will be in Luanda in July visiting companies with our local partners.

Contact:, Managing Director Global Career Company