Sourcing the Hardest to Find

Sourcing the Hardest to Find : Strategic thinking, effective techniques and sustainable processes to source diverse talent and support business growth

Business growth is an essential. The calm maintenance of organisational performance that was possible for previous generations is gone for good. Globalised economics, porous borders and instantaneous communications mean that, like sharks, organisations must keep moving, or starve.

Demand for talent

Nowhere is this truer than in the rapidly growing economies of Africa and this is a draw for uniquely skilled individuals and high potential candidates. Technical expertise will be at a premium throughout the continent, creating intense demand to fills roles that are the most difficult to fill with anything but the best talent.


EVP, diversity and talent selection

On this basis, the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) of an organisation has to be the starting point for a talent acquisition process that both identifies the need and sources the solution within frameworks that can be both demanding (geographically/culturally/logistically) and complex (compliance/risk/diversity). In such environments effective talent selection can be a demanding process, especially when there is a strong entrepreneurial culture that offers an alternative to employment.


While constructs placed around employment in large organisations – notably, but not limited to, Employment Equity in South Africa – can be seen as a hindrance, structural constraints relating to Human Resources can serve as an impetus to strategic thought, particularly in emerging markets.  An EVP that works from the supra-level of the organisation as a whole, to the specific (and often complex) needs of recruiting in a competitive talent pool, can be used as a diversity tool as well as a measure of excellence that moves compliance from a necessity to a driver of performance.


Tools to deliver highly sought individuals

Recruiting talent, retaining key individuals and building robust teams in emerging markets are all features of the global marketplace. They are much more than this in emerging markets – they are the tools that shape a talent acquisition process to source and support a talent base that can evolve and be self-sustaining.

Responsive sourcing and management of diversity can create talent procurement opportunities within even the hardest-to-fill talent sectors. Sophisticated identification techniques and labour market sensitivities are vital to success in areas of high demand, but are little more than a bottom line. A highly differentiated recruitment strategy, a reflexive EVP that copes with fast-moving environments and a clear focus on the needs of demanding business areas are likely to deliver in even the most challenging circumstances.

How do organisations source the hardest to find? And how do future sourcing techniques need to evolve to keep the pace with the fast changing market?

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