The 2015 Marimba Tour comes to the UK in February

The 2015 Marimba Tour comes to the UK next February thanks to Sarah Roe, a member of the Board of Trustees with Education Africa.

10 children and 3 teachers from the 2015 Marimba Tour will be coming to the UK next February to spend a week with the children at Lambrook School, in Berkshire. Whilst there, they will be attending music lessons with the pupils as well as attending other lessons and sharing information on their lives with the pupils.

Whilst they are there, the children will also have the opportunity to visit some of the local attractions and learn more about the local area. One visit will include a trip to Windsor castle, where we hope the Queen will make an appearance!  As well as attending the school for the week, there will also be a fundraising concert towards to the end of the week as a way of marking their time at the school and to share with the pupils some of their musical and cultural heritage.

The children will also have the opportunity to spend a few nights in London where they will perform at Shaka Zulu in London, thanks to Roger Payne who is on the Board of Directors for Education Africa. There will also potentially be the opportunity for another performance at Orchard House School in Chiswick and the City of London School. The visit looks set to be packed with many chances for the children to see and learn about the UK and to share their own musical heritage on a wider platform.

With the team at Global Career Company fully on board with their support for Education Africa, and supporting the fundraising efforts through the appointment of a group of ‘Future Ambassadors’ the 2015 Marimba Tour is a fantastic element to add to the fundraising efforts. For more information on how to support Education Africa then get in touch: