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London Africa 2013

London Africa 2013

International Recruitment Summit, Houston

22-24 November 2013

A unique opportunity for you to source technical professionals from key nationalities, with outstanding international experience.

Why Houston?

  • A brilliant place to recruit for finance and oil and gas professionals
  • Find outstanding candidates with Ghanaian, Kenyan, Tanzanian, Nigerian, South African and many other key nationalities
  • Particularly suited to those seeking technically skilled candidates
  • An opportunity to build employer brand among North American candidates

Who would benefit from attending a Recruitment Summit?

  • Anyone who has reducing cost per hire among their KPIs
  • Employers seeking future leaders
  • Managers looking to build employer brand in a targeted environment
  • Talent pipeline managers looking to build quality, quickly

What is Delivered?

  • Main exhibition area stand plot
  • A spot on the exclusive employer presentation schedule
  • Various online and offline promotional channels
  • Shortlisted candidates from over 6000 applicants
  • 3 days of networking and promotional opportunities with top candidates

What is the Process?

  • Plot your needs with our project team
  • Reserve your stand and seminar spot by booking
  • Review your candidate shortlists
  • Confirm interview schedules and advertising
  • Interview applicants at the three day Summit
  • Forward successful applicants to the next stage of your hiring process

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“There is nowhere better for finding large numbers of candidates with the technical skills you need.”

Sherin Helmy
Business Development Director

Summits in the US and Canada have always been an important part of our business. When clients look to hire technically skilled candidates, particularly for the oil and gas and finance sectors, these Summits play a large role in their strategies. There is nowhere better for finding large numbers of candidates with the technical skills you need.

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