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Bralirwa limited is a public company limited by shares since 9th June 2010 incorporated in the Republic of Rwanda under the law no7/2009 of 27th April 2009 relating to companies and registered by the Registrar General Office under no 100004348.

Bralirwa Limited was the first company listed on the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) as from 31st January, 2011. BRALIRWA Limited is a proudly Rwandan company with roots in the country that date back over 56 years to 1959 when the Company’s flagship Rwandan beer brand, Primus, was first produced in Gisenyi. We have since grown into one of the largest companies in Rwanda.

We seek to play a key part throughout Rwandan society through the application of our core values to our business:

Passion for Quality

Enjoyment for Life

Respect for the People, Society and Environment

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