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What Sparkle Nigeria Does

Sparkle Microfinance Bank is a lifestyle and financial ecosystem providing seamless solutions to Nigeria’s retailers, SMEs and individuals.
Leveraging technology and data, Sparkle is leading a new generation of digital only businesses licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
Launched in Q4 2019, Sparkle’s mission is to help Nigerian’s fulfil their potential by democratizing access to valuable solutions for their business and personal needs.
Starting with current accounts and savings accounts, Sparkle will co-create with its customers and collaborate with its partners to improve value-add services and increase its user base.
Sparkle is founded upon the values of trust, transparency, freedom, inclusivity, simplicity and personalisation.


We are a financial and lifestyle ecosystem.
Whilst we offer traditional financial services, this just part of what we do.
We have a micro-finance license, but this does not define our holistic approach covering financial and lifestyle solutions.

Our Difference

Sparkle is leading a new generation of digital only businesses licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. It is mobile-led with no bricks and mortar infrastructure – except a head office that is a great place to work for our smart, young and vibrant workforce. Unlike larger and established financial institutions in Nigeria, Sparkle is nimble, dynamic and not constrained by legacy systems. Sparkle is about much more than financial services – banking is part of the offer, but Sparkle also covers lifestyle needs and opportunities. No-one else seamlessly offers access to solutions for business and personal needs. It is inclusive; it has a fundamental commitment to trust and transparency; it is focused on helping Nigeria further its digital economy; it is unique in that it will co-create and collaborate with customers and partners to help evolve the future of the business; it is future driven, not transactional.

Our Culture

At Sparkle, we foster a culture where everyone feels safe, happy, free and able to express their authentic personality.

Roles with Sparkle Nigeria

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Business Development Manager

Our Employer Value Proposition

Learning New Skills

Every Sparkler is entitled to a specific learning budget to be utilized on our Sunlight learning platform to access any learning resource in the world.


At sparkle, we compensate Sparklers through a composition of methods such as;

  • Annual Guaranteed Pay
  • Performance Rewards
  • Employee Stock Option Scheme


All Sparklers are entitled to a company health insurance plan. The premium offering is dependent on Career Level within Sparkle.

Our Leadership

Uzoma Dozie
Chief Sparkler

Uzoma aka Chief Sparkler at Sparkle, is a tech-entrepreneur, investor and a veteran in the Nigerian banking and financial space, with over 20 years’ experience in the space, five of which as the Group Managing Director of one of Nigeria’s foremost banks. It is from Uzoma’s interest in using technology to scale and open access to opportunity, as well as the digital simplicity technology allows for, that Sparkle was birthed. He believes that by merging the power of tech and data, with sprinkles of Nigerian hustle and entrepreneurial spirit, Sparkle will catalyze Nigeria’s economy.

Uzoma is equally passionate about diversity, financial inclusion and female empowerment (he was formerly on the board of Women’s World Banking). He enjoys golf and a good game of tennis, the lawn one. Nadal can come have a go.

Our People

Anechile Okoaye
Senior Technical Product Manager

“From the moment i stepped into Sparkle, i knew i wanted to be here” is usually a cliched and contrived way of explaining ‘love at first sight’, but this cliche does not betray a lack of original thought, because it is in fact, a true story.
I have loved every minute of my Sparkle experience, from the daily grind to the diverse people, being part of a collective that thinks freely and builds solutions that are centered in humanity”

Your Career With Sparkle Nigeria

At Sparkle, we have two likely career paths for Sparklers:

1. Individual Career Path (IC)
2. People Management Career Path (Manager)

We realized at Sparkle that not everyone wants to be promoted into managerial roles – some people want to focus in on honing a specific skillset to perfection. For this reason, Sparklers are given the explicit choice of what career path matches their overall short term or long-term career goals. Managers can also identify people with people management capabilities within their team and have conversations about the potential to become managers.

Application Process

At Sparkle Nigeria, we have 4 major stages in our recruitment process which are;

  • Take Home Task: This could be a coding test or technical-based test depending on the role. This mostly applies to candidates being hired between Levels 1-3. For more senior candidates, this step can be skipped.
  • First Level Technical Interview: If the candidate is successful, they will be scheduled to meet with the hiring manager as well as the team that the candidate will be working with.
  • Culture Fit Interview: Successful candidates from the technical interview phase will be forwarded to meet with the People and Culture Team. Interview with the people team asks questions about if the person has Sparkler DNA.
  • Final Interview Stage: Successful candidates will meet with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sparkle for a final interview.