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  • Contribute to your country and community’s development
  • Access roles with major multinational and regional employers
  • Utilise your international experience to benefit your career progression
  • Your one application will be reviewed and paired with all potential employers



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Careers in Africa has been the premier international recruiter for African business for over ten years. So when you are seeking a return to work in Nigeria, we can help. Whether you have just graduated or have gained several years experience, we can assist with jobs in Nigeria. Work in Nigeria has grown vastly over the past few years and now is the perfect time for candidates considering on returning home to apply.


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Great to be in touch with the staff of Global Career Company again. I got my current role after attending a Recruitment Summit (organised by Global Career Company) in the UK. Your Recruitment Summits are highly professional and I will return when I am looking for a new role.

Victor Fashagba - Careers in Africa Summit Candidate