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BG Group is a world leader in natural gas, with a strategy focused on connecting competitively priced resources to specific, high-value markets. Active in more than 20 countries on five continents, BG Group has a broad portfolio of business interests focused on exploration and production and liquefied natural gas. It combines a deep understanding of gas markets with a proven track record in finding and commercialising reserves.

While our headquarters are in the United Kingdom (UK), the majority of our 6000+ employees, drawn from more than 70 nationalities, work outside the UK.

We have a proud history in all aspects of the energy sector, particularly natural gas, where we have experience across the entire gas chain – from exploration to delivery to the consumer.
BG Group is a publicly listed company on the London Stock Exchange and is also listed on the US over-the-counter market known as “International OTCQX”.

Our Business Strategy

Our focus is on understanding, building and supplying natural gas markets around the world. We operate in two key business sectors – Exploration and Production and Liquefied Natural Gas.

BG Group explores for, develops, produces and markets gas and oil around the world. The Group uses it technical, commercial and gas chain skills to deliver projects at a competitive cost and to maximise the sale value of its hydrocarbons.

BG Group’s Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) business incorporates the purchase, shipping, marketing, sale and regasification of LNG across the globe.

These two businesses combine to allow BG Group to connect competitively priced resources to specific high-value markets.

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