Working in Egypt

The Egyptian economy is the 4th largest in Africa, and the largest in the Maghreb region. It enjoys membership of the CAEU and COMESA, boosting the main export industries of Oil and Gas, Textiles and mining. The country has excellent trade links with Europe, the Middle East and USA.

Working in Egypt

Egypt is one of the most economically developed countries in Africa. There is strong growth in multiple industries and many large organisations are based in the country. Cities like Cairo have thriving financial services sectors, and offer career opportunities to early career and senior talent. It is highly recommended to obtain work before applying for a work permit or travelling to the country. Egypt is filled with cultural delights, and the cities are generally social. Healthcare and education provision is good, but private insurance allows you to guarantee the quality of services.

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How Do I Work In Egypt?

Work Authorisation and VISA requirements
You will need a VISA to work in Egypt. It is recommended to obtain employment there before applying, as your new employer can often sponsor your application. You can find out more information by visiting your local embassy website. More information is available using the button below.
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