Bolloré Africa Logistics is the leading integrated logistics network on the African continent and the leading operator of public-private partnerships in the port and rail sectors. With its unrivalled territorial coverage, and effective presence in 55 countries, including 46 in Africa, and a workforce of 25,000, Bolloré Africa Logistics is today the specialist in customized industrial projects, with customers all over the world.

As a vital link across Africa’s economies, port and rail infrastructure now places Africa at the heart of world exchanges, between the emerging nations, as the world’s new economic center of gravity, and African countries. We’re equipping Africa with port and rail infrastructures at the highest standards.

Developing complete logistic solutions

  • Developing logistic corridors (rail, road, air, river) to serve hinterlands and landlocked countries.
  • Developing inland container depot.
  • Modernizing ports and gateways of those corridors.

Meeting client’s needs and expectations

  • Authorities: value creation from infrastructure and economic competitiveness.
  • Shipping lines and importers: reliable & efficient services through optimization of overall supply chain cost.
  • B2B clients: proposing door-to-door competitive services for large retailers, industrial investors, oil and gas and mining companies.
  • Installing subsidiaries next to all our clients’ locations in order to offer tailor-made international trade solutions (Asia…).

Developing a modern port, the showcase of the country

  • Develop local talents, identify high potential managers and promote them, install an exemplary HR policy
  • Operational Excellence and Highest Productivities.
  • Introduction of technology innovation to reduce cost and lead times.
  • Consistent and active focus on HSE issues.

Bolloré Africa Logistics is providing and designing solutions in the areas of logistics, ports and rail systems.

Job Opportunities at Bolloré

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