Working in Somalia

Somalia has had continued disruption to economic growth, but its economy remains intact, thanks to a large informal agriculture economy. The country has much potential for growth.

Working in Somalia

Somalia has a challenging reputation, but has a growing economy and there are some job opportunities for those in growing sectors. The healthcare and education systems are best accessed through private means. The country continues to develop, and more opportunities will become available in the future.

Somalia - Need To Know




Somali Shilling (SOS)

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Capital City Airport

Aden Adde International Airport


Somalia (UTC +03:00)

How Do I Work In Somalia?

Work Authorisation and VISA requirements
You will need a VISA to work in Somalia. It is recommended to obtain employment there before applying, as your new employer can often sponsor your application. You can find out more information by visiting your local embassy website. More information is available using the button below.
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Job Opportunities in Somalia