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What Aggreko Does

Our Difference

Our mission is simple – to use our technology and expertise to make a difference to businesses and communities all over the world – now and in the future. “Human needs are the same all over the world, but power supply isn’t. By meeting global shortfalls, we have a critical role to play – something that inspires and challenges us every single day.”

Aggreko has 5 key areas where we want to make a difference on a daily basis, not just as an organisation, but we also expect the same from our employees. We want to support our customers, our market and our African continent. In everything we do ‘’We are in this together’’.

• Innovation
• People
• Responsibility
• Technology
• Powering a sustainable world

Our Culture

In everything we do at Aggreko we want to make a difference: From hiring to training to daily operations, we give our people the tools and support they need to excel.
It is our people at Aggreko that make the difference. We select only the best professionals in the field to enhance an internal trust structure where we can build solutions and always making sure we deliver the best.

It is part of our DNA within the Aggreko family to:
• BE Together
• BE Expert
• BE Dynamic
• Be Innovative

We use our entrepreneurial passion to deliver and we thrive on making great things happen.

Roles with Aggreko

Open roles with Aggreko are displayed here. To view our roles across Africa, please click the button below.

Business Development Manager – Chinese Enterprises

Business Development Manager – Mining

Africa – Head of Oil & Gas

Head of Utilities SEA

Aggreko Graduate Programme – Engineering Stream

Aggreko Graduate Programme – Sales and Commercial Stream

Aggreko Graduate Programme – Business Support Stream

Aggreko Graduate Programme – Operations and Tech Stream

Our Employer Value Proposition

Learning New Skills

We are committed to the development of our employees, with a focus on our 3 main training priorities:

  • Leadership capability development through our Leading Our People program
  • Technical capability development through our Technical Learning Cycle
  • Sales capability development

Our Talent Management process allow us to identify our people’s potential as well as their potential career pathways and thus identify development plans to implement through the support of our Learning and Development Team.
By being agile, we also have the capability to develop strong training materials to respond to specific needs and ensure our employees have top notch solutions for their development.


Our reward strategy is based on attracting and retaining the best talent possible, through 6 principles:

  • Linked to Performance: our employees are compensated as per their level of performance
  • Market Competitive: we regularly participate in various external benchmarking to reflect the talent market per role and location
  • Delivers Value: use of our glocal scale to deliver the optimum benefit at the best possible value
  • Consistent: same approach throughout the Group
  • Fair and Transparent: we conduct regular checks and calibration exercises during managerial reviews to minimise bias
  • Aligned to our Values: pay and decisions reflect what we do and how we do it


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Diversity is about opinions, cultures and perspectives. At Aggreko we create a culture where we strive to deliver the best results for our customers, only recruiting the best people and working in an environment where everyone can be at their best and constantly aiming for improvement.

We added an extra dimension to our HR process; not only have we included the human, learning and development components, but we also need to support the whole business rather than just focusing on our own departmental needs. When everyone’s in, everyone wins!

We are always looking for the right people with new innovative profiles because our business is continuously growing, and we strive for constant movement and Innovation. Our people at Aggreko make the difference, not the products.

Is working for Aggreko easy? No, it is challenging, and you need a certain mindset: team-spirit, not believing in “no”, solving our customer’s requirements, realising every project is different and having trust in our organisation and the expertise of our colleagues.

Is working for Aggreko fulfilling and fun? Yes. Especially when you achieve success on your projects, believe in actions not words, have an entrepreneurial mindset within a large organisation and go beyond what is expected. That is what we see at Aggreko on a daily basis.


Our People being our top priority, Aggreko is committed to the wellbeing of our employees and their families by putting in place strong policies to cover all their needs and supporting them physically and psychologically.
In this regards Aggreko offers:

  • Comprehensive Africa wide insurance coverage
  • A wellbeing program through their Employee Assistance Program and various ad-hoc activities
  • Travel insurance around the world
  • Life insurance

Your Career With Aggreko

Being an international company, we strive to identify different career paths for our employees, whether it is in their initial area of expertise or in a different one, within their region or outside the region.

Moreover, the Events business unit allows us to give our employees short term assignments that will not only develop their expertise in their field, but also build relationships outside Aggreko Africa and develop their cultural savviness, especially in multicultural environments.

Application Process

You can access our openings on our career website on

A world-leading graduate programme built in Africa

In 2022 Aggreko commences a programme to develop its future leaders from the best graduate talent in Africa. In this section, find out more about the programme, which is aimed at graduates from 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 who are seeking their first full time role. 

But hurry, applications close 30th November 2021.

An Aggreko career is an international career, but roles within the graduate programme are based around Africa to begin with. During the 2-year programme you are unlikely to have to move location. Roles are being recruited for in:

  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Kenya
  • Egypt
  • Senegal
  • Cote d’Ivoire
  • Cameroon
  • Across West and Central Africa

This isn’t a generic graduate programme. Roles will have a defined specialism from day one, with recruits taking in a rotational tour of the business to get a complete understanding.

The roles are divided into role families. By clicking the links below, you can find out more about the job families, and the specific roles within them.

  • Sales and Commercial
  • Operations and Technical
  • Business Support
  • Engineering
The programme seeks to identify and develop Aggreko’s future leaders in Africa. You will be given the tools to succeed, both at Aggreko and for the foundation of your whole career. We envisage the graduates from our 2022 intake leading our business through the challenges to unlock the opportunities of our future.
What Will it Be Like?
  • The interview and selection process will run from November 2021 to February 2022.
  • Roles will commence in March 2022.
  • You will begin by meeting your 2022 Aggreko Graduate Programme cohort and Aggreko leaders for an orientation event, followed by a complete orientation programme.
  • You will then begin a series of 6-month rotations, focused on all areas of the business, for a 2-year programme overall.
  • You will receive continuous 360 feedback on your progress to power your development
  • You will be competitively rewarded with an excellent salary.
  • At the end of the programme you will be ready for a local or international role with Aggreko, and the next stage in your leadership journey.

Once you’re ready to apply, click through the role links below and apply online via Careers in Africa. Once you complete your application form, if successful you will be invited to take a pre-recorded video interview and online test, both in your own time. Following that you will be interviewed by a Careers in Africa consultant, and then finally you’ll meet Aggreko team members for final interviews.

Engineering Roles

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Sales and Commercial Roles

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Sales and Commercial

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Business Support Roles

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Business Support

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Operations and Technical Roles

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Operations and Technical

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