Working in Eritrea

Eritrea has a small but growing economy powered by extensive natural resources. The main exports are food, livestock and textiles, mainly to traditional trading partners in Italy, China and Saudi Arabia. GDP continues to grow and there is significant potential in the country.

Working in Eritrea

In recent years Eritrea has developed its economy and cities like Asmara welcome early career and senior professionals. There is increased foreign investment which is opening many opportunities and companies are beginning to have a larger presence in the area. Taxation is in line with many other African countries, and PAYE operates to handle such affairs. The healthcare and education systems are above average for the region, and well developed in places. Generally the country is considered very safe, though areas near the borders are more dangerous.

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How Do I Work In Eritrea?

Work Authorisation and VISA requirements
You will need a VISA to work in Eritrea. It is recommended to obtain employment there before applying, as your new employer can often sponsor your application. You can find out more information by visiting your local embassy website. More information is available using the button below.
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