Client Profile


Sector: consulting and services – industrial maintenance


Group is a leading Business-to-Business services company looking after:

– Oil & Gas industry (67% of Revenue),

– Power stations, mainly nuclear (23%),

– Industries & infrastructures (water treatment, tunnels, bridges…).

The group, which is an international leader for industrial maintenance, provides a broad range of skilled support services, including:

– Anticorrosion coatings (steel & concrete),

– Water tightness,

– Protective fire proofing coatings,

– Industrial insulation (hot & cryogenic),

– Scaffolding and rope access solutions,

– Non-Destructive Testing.

With more than 2.700 employees plus average 1.500 external work force all over the world, our group acts as an expert in maintenance services, shut downs, and major projects. Out of this technical know-how, the skills of PREZIOSO’s men and women are especially recognized in difficult and complex set up as off-shore campaigns, nuclear industry, or mountain and remote site, always in compliance with high HQSE standards.

The group turnover has been increasing strongly and regularly for several years and exceeds 307 million euros in 2011 and will be around 350 million euros in 2012.

PREZIOSO-TECHNILOR strongly operates in Europe, West and South Africa, the Maghreb, the Middle East and Brazil. The group is now seriously looking at new developments.

Location: Vienne – France

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