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What Trinity Energy Limited Does

Trinity Energy has provided over 40% of South Sudan’s fuel demand. More than half of the nation’s fuel retailers rely on Trinity Energy’s reliable supply chain to meet their clients’ needs. The company owns 6 million litres of fuel storage at our depot in Nesitu, which includes an additional 2 million litres of storage currently under development. This development makes Trinity Energy the Nation’s largest fuel storage and logistics provider. Trinity Energy assures clients get consistent and reliable fuel supply.

Our Difference

Being a fast growing company, our employess are exposed to various areas of growth that encourage them to go beyond their comfort zones to create solutions to new challenges. At Trinity, we are focused on training our employees to not only upskill while at Trinity Energy, but to become leaders of industry as they grow within the organisation.

Our Culture

We attribute our success to our vision for a more prosperous South Sudan, our dedication to transparency, and a corporate culture that rewards ethical conduct. Our commitment to corporate and social accountability has driven us to reinvest in the nation — developing infrastructure and strengthening vendor and supply chain relationships.

Roles with Trinity Energy Limited

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Our Employer Value Proposition

Learning New Skills

Trinity Energy has an established network of upstream supply in South Soudan and is expanding into East, Central and Southern Africa. The company is also diversifying into power produsction with a positive bias towards renewable energy. We are therefore looking for dynamic and forward thinking people to join our teams to power Africa’s transformation through energy security. 


Our goal is to ensure an engaged workforce inspired by the positive transformation brought about by their work. This results-based approach is what has propelled our staff to reach new heights and ensure Trinity is the number 1 energy company in South Sudan.


As an indigenous South Sudanese organisation, our values and aspirations are very much aligned to those of the South Sudanese people. We have invested over USD1 million in different community programmes that include; education, girl-child empowerment, agriculture, health programmes and vocational training.

Our Leadership

Robert Mdeza
Chief Executive Officer

“We believe in creating a positive working environment for our employees to ensure an empowered and confident workforce that is aligned with the aspirations of the people we serve. “