Welcome & Introduction
Sarah Roe, Director and Co-Founder, Global Career Company

Omar Ben Yedder, Group Publisher, IC Publications

Keynote Address: The Talent Gap and its Impact on Business
Frank Braeken Chief Investment Officer, Amatheon Agri Holding

Chair: Njambi Ngunjiri, Talent Acquisition Manager, Global Career Company

Morning Session 1: 10:45

The Success of African Business is African Talent
The Talent Gap: Needs and Challenges

Tony Hadley
Founder, Hadley African

David Lusala
Head of Risk & Compliance, Exim Bank (Tanzania)

Dayo Abinusawa
PhD researcher at Cambridge University

Africa is in the international business spotlight. With competition and profits at an all-time high, local and internationally-developed African talent is pivotal for businesses to maintain a competitive edge and achieve success. With this come a number of business challenges.
What are the key challenges that businesses face due to the talent gap and how do they impact on business success?

Morning Session 2: 12:00

International Perspective, Regional Understanding
A blueprint of employability skills and behaviours

Gemma Lines
Head of Resourcing, CITI

Kevin Cornelius
Partner, Tax Services, Human Capital, Ernst & Young Geneva

Ilze Zandvoort
Director of MBA Operations, Ashridge

Ahmed Nasser
MD Gulf Countries, Henkel

This session will focus on identifying the skills and behaviours required by businesses to achieve a competitive edge on the international platform, whilst remaining solidly rooted into the local business perspective.
Identifying the current talent gap and filling it by developing employability skills: what is the change that needs to happen and how can the process be accelerated by businesses.

Delegates will subscribe to one of the two afternoon workshops, which will aim at delving deeper into the topics discussed in the morning, whilst engaging the audience into proposing solutions and action plans.

Afternoon Workshop 1: 14:00

Identifying the challenges facing businesses due to the talent gap

  • What are the challenges that businesses face due to the talent gap?
  • What are organisations currently doing to address these challenges?

Afternoon Workshop 2: 14:00

Identifying employability skills and behaviours

  • What are the business skills required to ensure employability opportunities for all?
  • What are the skills and behaviours required to secure African human capital excellence for the future?

The two morning sessions will focus on the challenges faced across Africa due to the talent gap. We will also examine the necessary business skills required to operate competitively on an international level whilst remaining solidly rooted into the local business perspective.