Frequently Asked Questions

The Summit

Q: Can I still come to the event if I do not have an invitation?
A: Unfortunately no – all our recruitment events are invitation only. This is to ensure that only the most appropriate candidates attend. You may still be eligible for other opportunities that arise, so please keep your details and CV updated.

Q: If I have an invitation, can I bring a friend, family member or colleague?
A: Unfortunately no. Your friends, family and colleagues will need to submit their own application for the event as you have done. If they do not have an invitation, they will not be granted access to the venue.

Q: Where will the Summit take place?
Our Recruitment Summits take place in 5 star hotels in central locations. The address and specific details of the Summit will be sent via email to candidates that are invited to attend the Summit.

Q: What opportunities at the Summit will I have without any pre-scheduled interview? I’ve got only one interview, is it still worthwhile for me to attend the Summit?
At the Summit, you will have the opportunity to meet with company representatives and secure additional interviews – many candidates secure on-the-spot interviews at the Friday evening networking event which is held at every Summit. The Summit also features company presentations, round table discussions and workshops where you can learn more about job opportunities in the company or region that are you are interested in.

Q: Will you arrange my visa?
A: Once you have received an invitation to attend the event, it is your responsibility to arrange a visa if you are travelling from overseas. We are happy to provide you with an official invitation letter to take to the Embassy to assist with your application.  Please email contact us – Subject – Visa Letter URGENT with the following information as soon as possible:

  • Full name as it appears on your passport
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Date of issue
  • Expiry date
  • Nationality
  • Address and fax number/email address of the Embassy you will be applying to

NB: Please ensure you allow enough time for the visa to be processed and notify us if at any stage you are unable to obtain a visa.

Q: What do I need to bring the Summit?
A: Please bring a copy of your confirmation email to the event, detailing your first name, surname and Global Career Company ID number – you will need this information in order to register.
Also ensure you bring a pen, plenty of copies of your CV and your mobile phone as we may need to call you during the Summit, to inform you if you have been selected for additional interviews.

Q: Will I need to attend both days of the Summit?
A: We strongly recommend that you attend for the full duration of the event in order to gain maximum benefit from the opportunities presented by the Summit. Registration opens on Friday afternoon and it will be followed by a cocktail networking reception in the evening where you have a chance to meet with the senior delegates from the companies before your interviews. If you cannot attend on Friday, you will need to notify us and you will need to register on Saturday morning between 8am and 9am.

Q: Will my travel and accommodation expenses be covered?
A: The event is primarily for candidates to market themselves to multinational companies committed to recruit international graduates and professionals living overseas for positions back home. As you will have the opportunity to meet with multiple companies, it is not possible for one company to cover your travel and accommodation costs. The Summit is a worthwhile investment into your career and should be viewed as such.
Where possible, we will recommend appropriate accommodation venues to suit a range of budgets.

Q: What kind of interview can I expect and who will be interviewing me?
A: All the companies will be holding standard one-on-one or panel interviews that will last between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Details of any additional assessments or tests will be confirmed with you closer to the event. Make sure you have read about the companies you would like to interview with, especially about their activities in the countries they are recruiting into. Also be prepared to talk about yourself and your aspirations and how they fit in with the opportunities that each company is offering. You will usually be interviewed by either the Line Managers or Senior HR Managers from the company.

Q: When will I receive feedback on the outcome of my interview?
This will vary from company to company, and it is something that you should discuss with your interviewer. Some companies may give an offer at the end of the Summit, for more experienced positions the process may take longer.

Q: I have confirmed I can attend but now I am unable to make it – what should I do?
A: You must contact us immediately to let us know that you cannot attend. If you do not let us know, you will severely inconvenience the interviewing company and you may jeopardise your chance of being invited to future events.

Q: What happens with my application after the Summit
A: It is your responsibility to make sure you are clear on the process following the interview. This will vary from company to company, and it is something that you should discuss with your interviewer. Some companies may give an offer at the end of the Summit, for more experienced positions the process may take longer.

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The Application

Q: What if I don’t have time to complete my application form in one session?
A: That’s fine – your information will be saved and you will be sent a reminder via email. Simply login to your account and select ‘Complete Application’. Remember, the more information you can provide us with, the better chance you have of being selected.

Q: I have completed the online application form and clicked Submit, but when I return I only have the options to Edit my profile and Update my CV. Is this normal?
A: Yes. Once you have submitted your application online, you will only be able to amend your personal details, update limited information on your profile (i.e. Education and Employment), or update your CV by attaching a new file.

Q:  I filled out an application form, and clicked Submit, but I didn’t receive a confirmation that it went through. How can I ensure it was submitted?
A: When you hit ‘Submit’, a confirmation screen should appear. If you’re not sure of your application status, you can log in as an ‘Existing Applicant’, and check under ‘Application Status’. If your application form hasn’t gone through properly, your application status will be Incomplete.

Q: How can I see which jobs I have applied for?
A: When you log in as an ‘Existing Applicant’, any positions for which you have applied will be listed on your home page under ‘Submitted Job Applications’. You’ll be able to view the title of the job, the date and time it was submitted, and your application itself.

Q: I have missed the deadline. Should I still apply and will my application be accepted?
A: You should still apply as we will accept applications received after a deadline, however we can not guarantee that your application will be included into the entire selection process and you may miss out on certain job opportunities at the Summit. However, even if you have missed out on a particular job opportunity, we will still keep your application on file for future Summits and job opportunities.

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Uploading My CV

Q: I am having problems uploading my CV because the file size is too large. What can I do to make it smaller?
A: Files cannot exceed 2Mb in size. To help you reduce your file size, these tips might be helpful:

  • Compress pictures/tickets to make them smaller
  • Use .jpg format for images/certificate/tickets, and set your scanner for email quality
  • Try not to add too many certificates/tickets/pictures to your document

Q: How do I update my CV?
A: You can login to your profile at any time to update your details or upload a new CV. After you login, there is a link to update your CV under the heading ‘Other facilities’.

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The Selection Process

Q: I submitted my application weeks ago – why haven’t I heard anything yet?
A: You will receive an automated email response when you first register, to thank you for submitting your application. Rest assured, our team will assess every application as it is submitted, but there may be a number of reasons why you have not heard from us yet:

  • You may not have completed all your details in the application form – login to your online profile and check that your application has been submitted
  • It may still be too early in the process for us to know if you match the required company profiles – the most active phase of the selection process starts around 8 weeks before the Summit
  • At this point, you may not be an exact match for the roles on offer – we will notify you if this is the case. You may still be eligible for other opportunities that arise, so please keep your details and CV updated.

Q: How and when will I know if I have been selected for an interview?
A: As soon as a company has informed us that you have been selected for an interview we will send you an email detailing which company and for which role. You will need to then confirm you are able to attend by responding to the email.

Q: Why haven’t I been invited to the summit?
The Summit is an invitation-only event where we select candidates that meet the requirements of the companies attending the Summit. So generally speaking, no matter how brilliant your profile is or how many years of experience you have, if there are no suitable job opportunities for you at the Summit from the participating companies, it is unlikely that you will be invited to attend. You may still be eligible for other opportunities that arise, so please keep your details and CV updated.

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Invitation & Acceptance

Q: Why have I not yet received an invitation?
A: There may be a number of reasons for this:

  • You may have received the invitation email from us, but it may be sitting in your Junk Mail folder
  • Companies give us a list of very specific requirements, including qualifications and experience. It may be that you do not exactly match one of their profiles and therefore have not been selected. You may still be eligible for other opportunities that arise, so please keep your details and CV updated.
  • You may not meet the event’s minimum requirements relating to work authorisation or functional area.

Q: What do I need to do if I have been selected for an interview?
A: You will need to immediately confirm you are able to attend by responding to the email or contacting us. This will allow us to schedule a timeslot for your interview. If you do not confirm your availability to attend a time will not be allocated and you will jeopardise your chance of being involved in the event altogether.

If you are unable to attend the event, please contact us immediately so that we can inform the interviewing company. As our events are by ‘invitation-only’ the employer will take note of your reasons for not attending and this may affect any future applications you submit to that company.

Q:How can I find out more about the job I have been scheduled to have an interview for?
All job opportunities are posted on our website so you can search for the job profile online through the Summit section of our website. Some companies are just interested in meeteing potential candidates and are not necessarily recruiting for a particular job or vacancy. In some cases employers even able to create a role for the right candidate. In order to find out more about each companies’ recruitment strategy, talk to the Global Career Company recruiter who sent an invitation to you.

Q: What is the salary range for the position I was invited to interview for?
The salary will depend on the role and experience/capabilities of a candidate and will vary greatly. The best way to assess the level of the salary is to discuss it with the company’s HR representative at the Summit.

Q: I am unable to attend the Summit – is it possible to arrange a telephone interview, or an interview on a different day?
We strongly recommend that you try to attend the event in order to gain maximum benefit from the opportunities presented at the Summit, such as the opportunity to meet face-to-face with key decision makers, networking with companies and other like-minded professionals and attending presentations. We will try our best to arrange a telephone interview for you, however it is up to the company whether or not they will conduct interviews over the phone as many of them attend our Recruitment Summits specifically to meet candidates face-to-face. Please call Global Career Company and discuss this with the recruiter who sent you the invitation for the interview.

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Q: I can’t remember my password. What can I do?
A: On the login page, underneath the password box, click on the ‘Forgotten your password’ link. You will be prompted to answer your secret question and your password will be sent to the email address which you initially registered with.

Q: How do I change my password?
A: Login using your email and old password first and select ‘Change Password’ from your homepage. You will then be asked for your old password and your new password, as well as the secret question you would like to use for identification. Your secret question and answer will be used if you ever forget your password.

Q: I am trying to create a login by entering my email address, but the system is telling me that an account has already been found with this email address. What should I do?
A: If you get this message it means that your email address is already in our database. If you have created a previous account but can’t remember your password, you can click on the‘Forgotten your Password’ link to help you to login again.

Q: My profile is saying that I have an incomplete job application. What should I do?
A: Job applications are incomplete when the mandatory fields (marked with a *) have not been filled in. Simply log in to your account, select ‘Complete Application’, and go through your application form again. Once you have happy with your changes and additions, submit your application and any fields that are still incomplete will show up red on the left hand side menu.