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Spearhead the discussion and position your employer brand before a Pan-African audience of HR and business leaders

Benefits of Sponsoring Recruiting Excellence for Africa

  • Showcase your employer brand as a thought leader and centre of excellence
  • Podium-time in front of an audience of key influencers across business leadership
  • Promotion through a major PR and media campaign across a global network of 500,000 African professionals


Full Conference branding with a complete package across multiple touch points


Stream Sponsorship Packages

Stream 1: Social Sourcing
Can social media play a role in sourcing talent?
Stream 2: EVP for TA
What impact can EVP have on the Talent Acquisition process?
Stream 1: Sourcing the Hardest to Find
Strategic thinking, effective techniques and sustainable processes
Stream 2: EVP Nature vs. Nurture
Designing Value Proposition strategically
Stream 3: Selection for Culture
Identifying best fit
£12,500 per stream


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