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Careers in Africa is continuously looking for ways to provide our users with additional services and resources. It is essential,  your journey with us is successful and beneficial to you. Today, we introduce our partnership with Cassava Remit who are part of the Econet group, founded by Strive Masiyiwa.

Cassava Remit enables you to transfer money to Africa (Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, and Nigeria) through their online intuitive digital secured system. You have the power to track all your transfers, monitor in real time, receive notifications and alerts all from your mobile, tablet or computer. The Cassava system provides you with a seamless experience at just the touch of a button, and above all, sending money is just as easy as submitting a CV.

Established in 2006 and creating a niche for themselves within the retail money transfer sector, they have used tech and combined this with consumer needs to offer distinguished global money transfer services. They are currently pushing the boundaries of remittance and are keen to ensure individuals from the African diaspora take advantage of their platform.


“It is my pleasure to be able to offer the services of Cassava Remit to our users. We wanted to ensure we partnered with a company that shared the same values, and above all, put its consumers first. Cassava Remit is known for their passion in remittance, high quality, and fast transaction services. This is something our users will truly benefit from and enjoy using”, said Alex Mugan Managing Director .

“We’re pleased to be working with Careers in Africa. It provides us with a great opportunity to connect their users with our distinguished money transfer services. Not only does this open up the door for both organisations but it enables members to connect with family and or friends back home through the process of giving. This is exciting times for us and Careers in Africa”, said Tendayi Nyakudya Brand Activation Manager 

Whether you’re a business or individual transferring money abroad, the Cassava Remit team are experts in international money transfer for companies and individuals. Driven by putting their users first, this offer to our users means you will benefit from;

  • Fast, secure money transfer
  • Expert customer service support
  • Full regulation by the FCA
  • Full transaction receipts on request

Throughout the whole of December, as part of the festive season they’re offering any user of Careers in Africa, sending money to Zimbabwe:

  • 5 FREE transfers
  • £5 discount with promo code GCC01
  • $5 Econet airtime for the receiver

Find out more


Please note: The above offer is to UK users only. Cassava Remit reserved the right to withdraw the offer without notice. Read full terms and conditions.

eoc-nomiees-africa-shaped-v2The employer of Choice Awards 2017, list of nominees is out!

This year 20,000 African professionals have, so far, participated in the most wide-ranging employer attractiveness survey on the continent. The participants have provided their views and chosen who they think are Africa’s top employers.

And this year’s nominees are…

This year, the World Bank, GE, East African Breweries Ltd, Microsoft, British American Tobacco and MTN are just a few of the brands shortlisted for the 2017 Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Awards. Brands cannot enter these awards directly, as the nominees are drawn from a survey of the global African talent pool. The uniquely democratic nature of these awards makes receiving a nomination a particularly notable achievement for the 60 brands listed across 18 categories.

List of Categories, Category Criteria and Nominees

The full list of sixty nominees across eighteen categories can be viewed here:


Don’t miss the show…

The Awards will be presented at an exclusive ceremony and networking event in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 3rd November 2016. This event is hosted by Afreximbank and supported by Pernod Ricard and Coca-Cola Beverages Africa. This event is part of the Talent Agenda Series HR Conference, the key forum for the continent’s human capital development which welcomes more than 30 speakers from major employers and leading experts such as Willis Towers Watson, KPMG, Visa, and Steelcase.

Interested to join the event?

Click here 


11 reasons

Careers in Africa Recruitment Summits are the must attend events for African professionals. Here are the top 11 reasons why you should submit your application today.

1. It’s not just another career fair

Careers in Africa Recruitment Summits are the most valuable Recruitment Summits for African professionals. They aren’t just your standard Career Fair where you fight against thousands to get a minute with a company representative. At a Careers in Africa Recruitment Summit you’re a VIP. They are invitation only events, where only the best talent is selected to network with senior HR staff members of some of Africa’s biggest and best companies.

2. It’s free for candidates to attend

Our Recruitment Summits are completely free for candidates to attend. You do not pay to apply, and if selected, you pay nothing to enter the event. Based in some of the world’s major cities, Careers in Africa Recruitment Summits are the most cost effective events in your calendar.

3. There are multiple companies attending each event

There is an outstanding number of companies at our events, including G4S, NGCC Johannesburg Summit 2015 (338)igerian Breweries, Robert Bosch and Old Mutual, giving you the chance to meet with several employers of interest at one event. The quality of companies attending is second to none. Working with companies from the Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Top 100, a list of the 100 companies that Africa’s professionals have said they want to work with, every attendee will get an exciting opportunity to meet with the very best employers.


4. There are opportunities for all experience levels

We make sure that at our Summits, there are opportunities for all the attendees, from Graduate Schemes to Country Manager roles, at a Careers in Africa Recruitment Summit, there will always be roles to suit your career progression.

5. There will be 500 other African nationals to network with

GCC Johannesburg Summit 2015 (225)Careers in Africa Recruitment Summits aren’t just a place to meet employers. You will have the chance to expand your personal contact network when meeting over 500 other African professionals with similar levels of qualifications and experience. A good network is vital in business, and this is your chance to grow yours.

6. There are multiple sectors attending

As part of the excellent employer base, we have a number of sectors represented at the Recruitment Summits. Expect to meet with finance, engineering, FMCG, Oil & Gas and many other employers as you find something to match your interest at the Summit.

7. Companies are searching for multiple nationalities

Although our Summits are based in specific locations, the employers at events are hiring across NairobiAfrica. Last year we saw hires from Egypt to South Africa, and the same will be available this year, as our diverse company portfolio offers opportunities across the continent. With regional events for Francophone Africa and East and Southern Africa, your chances of finding a role that matches your profile are excellent.

8. There are opportunities for different functions

We are experienced in working across a range of functions. Opportunities will be available for all functions including finance, marketing, engineering, management, IT and logistics amongst others.

9. You get to see opportunities before anyone else

By signing up to the Careers in Africa Recruitment Summits, you’ll join a special mailing list which is automatically notified of new Summit opportunities when they become available. You can be the first to apply, and make sure your CV stands out from the other applicants.

10. You could be interviewed on the same day

GCC Johannesburg Summit 2015 (202)Over the last 14 years our Summits have offered the best chance of an on the spot interview with employers. Through the networking sessions you will have the chance to impress the decision makers of the attending employers, and land yourself an interview at the event on the same day if you match their requirements.

11. You’ll automatically be considered for all roles which match your profile

Once you apply, you’ll be automatically screened for all available roles by our expert recruitment team for all our Summit based roles. You only make one application, and your details enter the system, meaning that even if you miss an opportunity, we can still find you.

Apply now for your place at Africa’s premium series of recruitment events for Professionals.

apply now

Updated for 2016: The 11th Reason – We now guarantee your hires.

By Lindsay Storie, Events Manager

Running dozens of Summits and working with our clients and candidates over 14 years, we’ve built an understanding of the factors that make our Summits what they are – the best African recruitment events in the world.


Here are the reasons all at once, and you can read on to see how they set Careers in Africa Recruitment Summits apart:

  1. You are Not Buying an Event
  2. The Recruitment Process
  3. The Global Talent Pool
  4. Flexible Participation Packages & World Tours
  5. Track Record & Reputation
  6. Client Experience
  7. The Passion of Our Events Team
  8. The Expertise of Our Regional Recruiters
  9. Positivity and Professionalism
  10. The Summit Swing

You are Not Buying an Event

People talk about attending career fairs. These Summits aren’t career fairs. There is an exhibition and the Summits are filled with people seeking the best career opportunities in Africa, but the similarities end there. The main thing that separates our Summits from career fairs, and from recruitment events in general, is that our clients and candidates aren’t actually ‘buying’ the event at all. What’s on offer is in fact a recruitment process, run by regional recruitment specialists and taken part in by top employers and candidates. It just happens to be focused into an event scenario, but it’s this process that is really on offer.

The Recruitment Process

For two reasons. First, Careers in Africa Recruitment Summits feature, at their core, a robust recruitment process including sourcing, pre-selection, selection (face to face interviews, the exhibition & spontaneous) and even offers on the day. Second, that process is fully customisable to your recruitment needs and methods. We build your participation around the recruitment process you want. If you want an assessment centre, we run one. If you want to pipeline candidates only, that’s what we do for you. If you want to offer and fill 10 roles during the weekend, we direct the process to that goal.

The Global Talent Pool

The differentiator at the core of all of our recruitment services, our Global Talent Pool is a network of 500,000 graduates and professionals around the world and our means of attracting more through our 20,000 sourcing channels. Wherever you join us for a Summit, the word of your employer brand and opportunities will be spread through our Global Talent Pool, so you can recruit the best of it.

Flexible Participation Packages & World Tours

Much the same as a customised process is at the heart of our Summits, customised participation packages are also key. Whether you prefer fixed fee or recruitment fees, whether you want to sponsor or go under the radar, there is a participation package to suit. Anticipating that you want the best of the Global Talent Pool worldwide, we also offer you the chance to join us at a series of Summits, with your participation package customised per location throughout.

Track Record & Reputation

Careers in Africa Recruitment Summits are the original and the best. In a consortium event, this fact, and other employers’ and candidates’ knowledge of it, is of paramount importance. We’ve recruited more than 7,500 professionals back into Africa across 45 countries. These numbers attract the best, making for the best events.

Client Experience

Much the same as we differentiate from other events in terms of process, we also differ in the client experience and service. You should expect a high-touch service throughout from your Recruitment Summit supplier. With Careers in Africa, you’ll get one.

The Passion of Our Events Team

Our experienced events team has been delivering Careers in Africa Recruitment Summits around the world for a decade between them. Their experience in handling our clients’ and candidates’ requirements is superseded only by their passion. We love what we do and every client participation at every Summit is an opportunity to show that.

The Expertise of Our Regional Recruiters

23 nationalities, speaking 21 languages, drawing on a wealth of experience in African recruitment. Our team has what we put in the strapline – International Perspective, Regional Understanding. This is what allows us to deliver on a multitude of client requirements at each Summit, across all levels. As much as our customised recruitment process, it’s our team of specialist recruiters that set our Summits on a different level from other recruitment events.

Positivity and Professionalism

The way your project is handled by our team, the way our candidates conduct themselves but most importantly the atmosphere around any Careers in Africa Recruitment Summit. The story of opportunities in Africa is a positive one, generating great feeling and a powerful message. It’s also a deeply professional environment, with the focus on a serious recruitment process, for serious employers and professionals.

The Summit Swing

The Swing is our ongoing commitment to your recruitment needs. We are confident of delivering significant ROI on your Summit participation. To further ensure you are supported though, in the months after a Summit is completed, we support our clients with a contingency search service delivered by our retained-only Search and Selection team. For months after the Summit, it’s clear that you didn’t just buy an event.

Guaranteed Hires

square new for 2016 banner-01

We are so confident in our recruitment process and team that we will guarantee a number of hires you will make from the Summit. We hope this gives you the confidence to plan ahead and join us at Summits, knowing your ROI is guaranteed.



This January Sarah ‘Sahara’ Roe, Co-Founder and Director of Global Career Company will be trekking across the Sahara Desert to raise money for Education Africa. The money raised will pay for the annual Marimba Tour, supporting children from the poorest backgrounds in South Africa to visit the UK and learn to play the Marimba as part of after school activities.

We are hoping to raise at least £5,000 from the trip, and everything donated will be going to Education Africa, with the trekkers paying their own way. Click below to donate now, or scroll down to learn more about the team…

donate now-01

Here is the Marimba band playing at the 2015 Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Awards…


About Sahara Roe

Sarah Roe, Director and Co-Founder of Global Career Company, and Deputy Chairperson of Friends of Education Africa UK had been on several charity expeditions for Education Africa, and is now combining this with a beach holiday. You can sponsor her by visiting

4. Be Impressive in Everything you Write

You’re an impressive candidate, with excellent skills, outstanding experience and a phenomenal drive. Make sure the person reading your CV knows that. Align your CV with the client’s interests. Are you applying for a finance job? Give examples of times you have made excellent investments and helped your current employer. Are you a qualified oil & gas professional? Point out the different successful projects you have worked on, and explain how you had an impact.


5. Be Honest

Your potential employer needs to trust you to do a great job. How can they trust you if you exaggerate parts of your CV? Promote your real skills, and don’t add information that you could be asked about in interview that you can’t back up. 


6. Adapt Your CV to Every Job You Apply For

You can apply at with one application and we can search for your CV in any role we have in the future, but that shouldn’t stop you adapting your CV when you apply. If you are hoping to move into a management position, add details of your leadership experience. If you are applying to work in a particular sector, redesign your CV so that your experience in that sector is more detailed.


7. Keep Your CV Updated

We see a lot of CVs which have become rotten over time. If you haven’t changed your CV in the last 6 months, what that says to us, and your potential employer, is that you haven’t done anything particularly impressive since your last update. Make sure your CV is always up to date, with exciting details of your most recent successes, not a list of your duties.

10 CV Writing Tips You Need to Know Part 3>>

10 CV Writing Tips You Need to Know Part 1<<

It’s the beginning of 2016, and as the well wishing subsides and we crawl back into our routines, taking part in the inevitable dieting and general review of our lives, it’s a great time to be proactive about your career. The first thing you can do is get your CV up to standard.

There are hundreds of CV writing tips across the internet, but only this one comes straight from the recruitment consultants at Careers in Africa. The team have given us their top 10 tips for making your CV reflect you in the best possible way.

Here are the 10 most important things that you need to know to make your CV stand out! 

1. Two Pages Are All You Need

We read hundreds of CVs a week, and we search those CVs for key details that matter to our clients. When our clients read your CV, they do the same. Anything more than two pages, and it gives an impression that you might lack clarity in your communication. It also means your most impressive achievements get lost amongst the less useful information you have written.


2. Clarity is Key.

Don’t be tempted to squash ten pages of information into two. If your CV has tiny writing, or is everything in squashed onto the page, it becomes difficult to read. It also looks bad. That doesn’t make a great impression on recruiters, or on employers. Make sure there is adequate space around your text to make it look clear, and make sure the font is big enough to read without having to zoom in.

tiny writing

imgur’s new upvote bar

3. It’s Not a Life Story, it’s a Window into Your Potential

We’ve never read a CV and looked at the long list of every qualification you have completed. What matters is your degree, post graduate qualifications and technical qualifications. Equally, employers look at your recent job titles and your work, not your first job when you weren’t qualified. You should always be proud of all your achievements, but your oldest qualifications, first jobs and that time you represented your school at football aren’t going to land you your next job.

life story

10 CV Writing Tip You Need to Know Part 2>>

Employer of Choice in association with Towers Watson

Africa’s Talent Pool Speaks at Inaugural Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Awards

Multinational and Regional companies among outstanding employers across Africa recognised for their performance in continent-wide employer attractiveness report.

South Africa 19 November 2015 – The results of the inaugural Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Study, in association with Towers Watson, drawn from more than 13,000 survey responses by African professionals representing every market on the continent, have been revealed.

At the 2015 Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Awards gala dinner, prizes were awarded in 21 categories across all sectors and human capital themes, with winners determined by calculating ratings from professionals across the spectrum of attraction drivers. Driven entirely by survey data, these Awards are a uniquely credible barometer of employer attractiveness.

The awards dinner was a great success, with 150 senior HR professionals coming together to celebrate the successes of African business, and African talent, following a day of excellent debate at the Careers in Africa HR Conference 2015. The Marimba band, supported through the programme of Education Africa, opened the evening, playing traditional African music for the audience.

The overall Careers in Africa Employer of Choice for 2015 is P&G, who were also successful in the FMCG category, seeing off strong competition from East African Breweries in both.

Rupert Adcock, Managing Director of the Global Career Company, said of the Award “

In the Study behind the Awards, Global Career Company with support from professional services company Towers Watson, found significant difference in the key drivers influencing individuals within the African talent pool, compared to global figures.

You can view the Top 100 companies that African Professionals voted as the most desirable employer here.

Pay, job security and career advancement are the usual top factors for individuals when considering a new role across the globe according to previous Towers Watson research[1], however for the African workforce the opportunity to learn new skills and the ability to make an impact dominate. Base pay is of particular interest, on a global level it is the top driver but for the African talent pool only 48% of respondents cited its critical importance, placing it as 11th most important factor to this group.

eoc aWARDS


Yves Duhaldeborde, Director at Towers Watson comments: “This research adds a great deal to the debate on how we compensate workers in Africa. It’s clear that unlike many developed economies base pay isn’t an important driver and employers need to look at how to incentivise their workforce through initiatives that encourage new skills and promote opportunities to make a difference to the organisation. “

These findings are echoed across the African diaspora community, suggesting the important factors African employers must consider, to attract individuals back to country of birth once they have left to work overseas.

Rupert Adcock comments “An increasing number of African employers are looking to the diaspora to help close the talent gap and provide a source of internationally experienced professionals. A key concern, alongside cultural fit is whether expectations of the diaspora particularly in terms of pay, benefits and speed of promotion, can be matched. However the research clearly shows that such factors are not of central importance to this group.”

The report which was launched at “Careers in Africa Johannesburg”, the continent’s largest HR and recruitment summit, is the first of its kind covering a Pan-African talent pool of over 13,000 respondents across 54 markets.

Rupert Adcock, Managing Director of the Global Career Company, which is hosting the event, said that: “While the list of nominees for these inaugural Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Awards may get people talking, it is the lessons to be taken forward from the Employer of Choice Study as a whole that will make the lasting impact on the African talent landscape, as the best adapt to get better and those who do not make it this time strive to catch up.”

The runners up and winners in each category were:

Award Winner Runner Up
Employer of Choice P & G East African Breweries
Global Attractiveness Unilever Shell
Local Attractiveness Ethiopian Airways Seadrill
Pan-African Attractiveness Unilever KPMG
Corporate Social Responsibility Safaricom East African Breweries
Development McKinsey & Company P & G
Leadership & Management Safaricom East African Breweries
Reward Total P & G
  Sector Awards  
Aviation, Shipping and Logistics Ethiopian Airways Arik Air
Banking FNB J.P. Morgan
Construction, Heavy Manufacturing and Infrastructure General Electric Nissan
Financial Services Centum  
FMCG P&G East African Breweries
IGO World Bank International Finance Corporation
Information Technology Microsoft Cisco
Media & Communications DSTv Vodafone
Mining De Beers bhp billiton
Oil & Gas Total Shell
Payments Technology Visa Mastercard
Pharmaceuticals AstraZeneca  
Professional Services McKinsey & Company Accenture


Find out more about how Careers in Africa Employer of Choice can help you by clicking the link below.

Employer of Choice Services 2015

[1] Towers Watson Global Workforce Study May 2014