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Siemens in Africa

Siemens aims at playing a constructive role in Africa’s success story. As the continent grows, we will strengthen our ability to further enhance the well-being of our employees and the society as a whole.

Since Siemens first set foot on the continent over a century and a half ago, our relationship with Africa has been characterized by growth. Nowhere is this more visible that in the opening of local and regional offices, branches and facilities; in the number of people we employ, in the value of our company assets; in the various projects that we have completed; and in the substantial contribution we continue to make to the development of the region.

As a leading global engineering company, Siemens provides innovative solutions to help tackle Africa’s major challenges, across the key sectors of industry, energy and healthcare:

Industry Sector

From turnkey rail transportation systems to move Africa’s people and freight to water treatment solutions to quench the continent’s thirst. From mining technologies to safely extract precious mineral resources to automation systems to make African industry more productive, Siemens is helping to enhance Africa’s infrastructure and make its companies globally competitive.

Energy Sector

From the safe extraction and transportation of oil and gas to renewable energy technologies that help harness the power of Africa’s sun and wind. From efficient new power plants to meet Africa’s growing energy demand to rural electrification projects that ensure electricity is transported reliably to the continent’s remotest regions, Siemens is helping bridge Africa’s energy divide.

Healthcare Sector

From imaging and therapy technologies for Africa’s clinics to state-of-the-art laboratory diagnostics to assist in the management of disease to complete healthcare infrastructure solutions, Siemens is helping provide reliable medical care to people in Africa’s cities and rural villages.

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