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Moroccan Recruitment

For Moroccan recruitment, the value of Careers in Africa lies in the fact that we really know our candidates and vice versa. Upon deciding to go back home and start a career, Moroccan candidates know the value of Careers in Africa in helping them do so. As a company we are highly influenced by our candidate’s vision and the strong relationship we hold with them keeps them close to us from leadership potential to major decision makers. Understanding your needs by closely collaborating with you helps us better understand your needs and get you in touch with the global talentpool. Our services optimise the usage of our understanding of your needs and those of candidates in order to create perfect fits for both parties.


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 I am a Brand and Communications Manager at MTN Group. I love working for this diverse company, as it gives me the opportunity to learn from different cultures and absorb new ways of working. I believe we have entered times of change at MTN as we strive to make our customers lives brighter. One of the most exciting things about working at MTN for me, is finding new ways of delivering to our customers a great experience of the MTN brand from all touch points. This can be mentally stimulating and deeply rewarding, as it requires MTNers to think outside the box, and be innovative. I have also been fortunate to work within a team where we draw from each other’s strengths, dare to be different and always keep the customer’s needs at the top of our minds. Above all, what I love most is coming to an organisation each day, which is helping to build a solid foundation on the continent by helping to educate future leaders and using technology to enhance education across the MTN footprint through noble CSI programmes. Keneilwe Rapudungoane, Manager: Global Brands, MTN Group (South Africa)

Keneilwe Rapudungoane, Manager: Global Brands, MTN Group (South Africa)